Google Will Discontinue its Stadia Cloud Gaming Platform in January 2023

Up to January 18, 2023, users can access their game library and play games on Stadia. All Stadia hardware purchased from the Google Online Shop as well as games and add-on material purchased from the Stadia store will be refunded by Google.

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Google unveiled Stadia, their cloud gaming platform, back in November 2019. After over three years in operation, the service is now being discontinued by the corporation. Up to January 18, 2023, Stadia players will have access to their game collection and be able to play games on the cloud gaming platform. All Stadia hardware purchased from the Google Online Shop, as well as games and add-on material purchased from the Stadia store, will be refunded by Google.

Google also debuted Stadia, a consumer gaming service, a few years ago. They made the painful choice to start winding down our Stadia streaming service even though Stadia’s approach to streaming games for consumers was founded on a solid technological foundation. Phil Harrison, Vice President and General Manager, Stadia, spoke about this in a blog post.

Google Stadia Cloud

Users are not required to return any Stadia hardware, and all hardware purchased through the Google online Store, including Stadia Controller, Founders Edition, Premiere Edition, and Play and Watch with Google TV packages, is available for a refund. In the upcoming weeks, the firm will provide further information on its FAQ page about how to get reimbursements. By January 18, 2023, Google expects to complete the majority of the returns to the initial payment.

Refunds for Stadia Pro subscriptions are not available. Users can still access their Pro libraries and other subscription perks during the shutdown because they won’t be charged during that time. Google has also shut down its Stadia shop, so customers will no longer be able to make in-app purchases or purchase new titles.

On Google Play and Google Play Games, Google will keep assisting game creators in creating and distributing their applications. The underlying Stadia technology will also be utilised by other Google products, including as YouTube, Google Play, and Google Augmented Reality (AR).

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Published by
Palak Sharma

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