Google Pixel 2’s Now Playing Music Recognition Feature Ported to Work On Other Android Smartphones

Whenever Google debuts a new smartphone, the tech giant always tries to bring something unique to the table. Google’s Pixel 2 comes with some amazing features to boast off. Although, Google phones don’t have those over the top and fancy features that other manufacturers introduce but still they don’t lag behind in giving something new to the users to cherish. One such feature is Now Playing, which is a music recognition software. It makes use of the microphone to recognise the music playing in the background. Now, this feature has made its way to AOSP based Carbon ROM.


A recognised XDA developer that goes by the name frap129 has ported this feature to AOSP based CarbonROM. As of now, this feature is currently available for CarbonROM on the Pixel 2 XL only. The developer has stated that he reverse engineered a lot of Google code to get the software working on AOSP based ROM.

Further, the developer says that he is working on porting this feature to other devices running an AOSP ROM. It seems like that we have to wait for a while for the arrival of this feature on other devices. Once available it will change the way people enjoy music on their devices. Their phones can easily recognise the music playing in the background eliminating the need for a third party music recognition software. Moreover, third-party misuse recognition apps are not always that accurate and correct.

In the past, Google Camera equipped with Google’s advanced portrait mode technology has been ported to other device running different ROMs, and the app worked flawlessly. Pixel 2 stood out from the crowd owing to the amazing quality of photos that it captured, and now users who don’t’ have a Pixel 2 are enjoying this feature as well as we talk.

It will be worth watching how many extra features the CarbonROM has for Pixel 2. Custom ROMs are famous for their customisation options, fluid performance, and bloat free user interfaces. Android is all about customisation, and it will be nicer to see Pixel 2’s featuring on budget Android devices.

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