Google Pixel New Features Will Help You Sleep Better and Charge Smartly

Google Pixel is getting a new update with which it will get a new advanced bedtime feature which will record your sleeping patterns

Google’s Pixel lineup has garnered a lot of love from Android smartphone users all over the world. The stock Android experience which you get with the Pixel devices is just unmatched. Google has been working really hard in developing new features for its Google Pixel devices to improve the user experience. Google has released a new update for the Pixel users on June 1 which will bring Bedtime feature, better Google Assistant integration, and a personal safety app along with an improved adaptive battery feature. The rollout will happen in a staged manner over a period of two weeks. Let’s look at everything that will come with the update.

Bedtime Feature

Maintaining a good sleeping schedule has become a very big problem for people today. Keeping that in mind, Google has added a new advanced bedtime feature under the ‘Clock’ app. This feature will help you record your sleeping time. It will also record the time you spend on each app past your bedtime. It will record and analyse your sleeping pattern to help you know how much sleep you are getting. Further, you can decide what you want to do with the data.

Google Assistant Integration with Recorder App

The recorder app in your Google Pixel devices will be integrated with the Google Assistant. With the help of Google Assistant, you can record your meetings, or even ask Google to play a recording for you. Furthermore, you can also transcribe your notes directly to Google docs.

Personal Safety App

Google Pixel 4 is equipped with a personal safety app which is very useful. Google is now rolling it out to other Pixel devices as well. There is a feature called ‘Car Crash Detection’ which is being rolled out to Pixel 3 devices. Other features such as safety check and emergency location sharing are also going to make it to the old pixel devices after the update. Coming to the new adaptive battery feature of the device, your Pixel will become smart with your charging patterns. It is just like the Battery Health Management system that Apple employs in its iOS and now macOS as well.

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