Google Will Now Let Android TV Users Try Apps Before Installing Them

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Android TVs are becoming a common sight in households all around the world. People are more excited about OTT platforms for watching content than the traditional cable TV way. Google is always working behind the scenes to make using Android a more seamless experience for its users. That is why Google keeps on sending updates to not only Android for smartphones but also for TV. Now Google has announced Gboard TV which is a virtual keyboard designed especially for Android TV. But along with that, Google has also introduced a new feature which will allow users to try the apps from the Android TV Play Store before they actually download them.

Google Play Instant Support Now Available for Android TVs

The first time Google introduced Google Play Instant was in 2016. Now with the Google Play Instant available for Android TV, the users will be able to try the apps from Android TV Play Store before they actually install them. This solves the problem of the customers who want to save space on their storage by not installing unwanted apps on the TV. Along with that, it will also allow the users to determine whether they want to use the app in the first place or not. If they don’t like it, they can simply ignore the app but if they do, then they can download it.

Users will be able to see the ‘Try Now’ button beside the Install button for the apps on Android TV Play Store which are made available by its developers to be tried. But apart from that, Google has also introduced the Android TV emulator with Play Store support. It will allow the developers to test their apps on the Google Play Store before they release them.

Another major addition that Google has brought to the Android TV experience is the ‘PIN Code’ support. Until now whenever someone wanted to purchase something from the Google Play Store, they would have to enter the full-length password for verifying the purchase. But that won’t be the case anymore since users will be able to purchase and download anything they want simply by entering a four-digit PIN Code at the time of purchase. It will save users from the hassle of entering a long password every time. Along with this, users will also get the low-latency mode for enhancing their gaming experience on Android TV.

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