Germany Announces Initial Funding of 200 Million Euros for 6G Research

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Germany has started investing money into researching technologies based on 6G connectivity. The German government has announced a sum of 700 million Euros ($833 million) for the research on 6G, which will be invested by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) by 2025.

This will make it the first step of Germany towards 6G. Germany's Federal Research Minister, Anja Karliczek, while explaining the country's optimistic plan about future communication technologies, informed that the country is all set to create infrastructure for 6G technology. She further said that the digital transformation had emphasised the need for a stronger network infrastructure.

Knowing that 4G technology cannot be leveraged any further and 5G has already taken a big leap, Karliczek said 6G would be the future of mobile data technology and revolutionise our communication in the next decade.

5G is already an absolute upgrade of 4G because 5G uses a millimetre-wave spectrum which allows it to connect to more devices and to provide 10 times faster speed than 4G. However, with 6G, data is transmitted more than 100 times faster than 5G.

Initial Funding of 200 Million Euros on Offer for 6G Research

Explaining further, Karliczek said this investment would be the basis of the technological sovereignty of Europe and Germany. To strengthen this sovereignty, Germany needs to invest in advance.

The minister also said the initial funding would be 200 million Euros while further initiatives will be announced later.

These investments have become possible because of the future package/reserve of the federal government, and the first investment will go into the 6G research program, making the country technologically advanced for the next generation of mobile networks.

The initial project will aim at creating 6G research hubs and boosting collaboration with research institutes and universities.

Germany will compete with Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, which plans to launch 6G services in China by 2030. Huawei will soon share a white sheet on 6G so that the industry can understand what 6G really is and how it will change the way people look at connectivity.

While China and Germany are already competing low-key on the 6G front, many countries worldwide are still struggling to launch 5G networks within their boundaries.

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