Features Which Make the Gboard App a Must Need One for Every Android User

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Google’s beloved keyboard app, the Gboard has gone through a serious revamp and now it comes with even more cool features. Gboard is that one app which comes pre-installed with almost every stock Android smartphone, so chances are that a lot of people already have it on their devices. Good for the users, as the new Gboard app comes with a lot of very useful and interesting updates which will impress the users. Let’s read down below to see the top six features which the new Gboard boasts of.


Google search right from the keyboard
Google has definitely put in a thing of great utility in the Gboard app this time. Now users can tap on the Google icon on the upper left side of the keyboard. Here, they will be able to run a google search and by tapping on the share button below the card, the users will also be able to paste the link of that particular search result in a jiffy. We are sure that this new feature is going to save a lot of time for everyone by eliminating the to and fro navigation from the browser to the messaging app.


Images and GIFs
The ability to send GIFs right from the keyboard is also one of the major additions which the Gboard app has seen. This has eliminated the need for a separate third-party app in order to search for GIFs and send them. Now users can search for GIFs in the same place and share it via just a tap without any hassle. Although the option is better placed in the Gboard iPhone version, Android users can access it using long tapping on the enter button.


Also, users will see a Google search bar on top that will read ‘Search emojis’. Users can find an emoji and then send it by just tapping on it. As for the GIFs, users will need to swipe to the GIF tab where they will be able to select a GIF from the options available and then send it. However, a lot of applications presently do not support GIF addition by Gboard, including WhatsApp.

GIF Creation
In the latest move, Google has added one of the best features of all time to Gboard, which is GIF creation. Gboard now allows users to create their own GIFs easily and share them on their favourite social media. One can create GIFs by heading over to the GIFs section in emoji' section and hit the 'My GIFs' option to create a GIF and access already created GIFs.


Trackpad Mode
Usually, users have to struggle a lot while performing operations using text selection on touchscreen phones. After this new update, users will be able to select text via just swiping their finger on the keyboard. Also, deleting multiple words at once becomes a lot easier as now they will just need to hold on backspace and drag towards the left to select the words to delete. As soon as the users lift up their finger, the multiple selected words are deleted.

Translate in the Keyboard itself
If someone somehow wants to try their hands at a new language once in a while, Gboard has you covered. Now users can tap on the G icon and then select translate to convert the selected word to their language of choice. There will be more than 90 languages available to choose from. Once the translate card pops up users will just need to select the language and let the app do its job.


Theme Choices
The Gboard, like other Google apps, encompasses elements of the minimalistic material design. Therefore, the new update adds simpler yet classy themes to the Gboard’s arsenal. There is also a latest, very aesthetic AMOLED theme. The themes also allow the customising option for key borders. Not only this, but the new themes will also come with the ability to use custom pictures as background thus providing a lot of customisation options to the users.


Delete words from Auto Suggestion
Sometimes even Google makes mistakes, and it’s no doubt that the keyboard's autocorrect function on phones has made us face some embarrassing situations at least once. To avoid that from happening again, Gboard lets the users remove a particular word from auto suggestions permanently. Users can do so by dragging the selected word from the suggestions bar to the trash icon.

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