Exclusive First look at Reliance Jio Mags: Jio’s answer to Google’s Play Newsstand

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As promised by us, our exclusive app hands on series continues as we bring to you the very first sneak peeks into the Jio’s suit of apps and services. Today we bring to you ‘Jio Mags’ which is Reliance Jio’s own app for reading digital copies of magazines. As we know that Google has recently updated its Play Newsstand app for the android platform to now offer magazines on monthly and yearly subscription basis, ‘’ aims at directly competing with the newsstand by offering magazines ranging across a wide array of genres.

The interface has two sections, the first is the ‘My library’ section where the subscriber’s downloaded copies of magazines are stored and the second is ‘Explore’ section where all available magazines are enlisted by subject and category. Upon selecting a particular subject, all available magazines under that category are displayed with a beautiful cover flow effect which has a very smooth side to side scrolling.

Upon selecting the magazine, there is a small description of the magazine displayed along with two options to either preview or to download the magazine. If you click on the preview button you get to see 6 pages of the magazine which gives you a rough idea of the contents of the magazine and if you find it interesting you can click on the download button and save a copy of the magazine in your ‘My library’ section for offline reading.

To check on the progress of the download status of the magazine you need to pull down on the Jio tab from the top right hand corner of the screen and click on ‘Usage’ you can also queue multiple magazines for download simultaneously. Usage info will show you history of all the magazines you have downloaded in the past. Deleting a downloaded magazine from one device does not delete it from other devices that have the Jio mags app installed and are logged in with the same ID, they need to be deleted from all devices individually and also erased from the usage info manually.

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It is not clear at this point whether there is a monthly subscription charge for downloading individual magazines on Jio Mags or whether there will be an umbrella charge for accessing the entire Jio app suite under a common Jio ID.

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Keep reading for further updates on products and services to be offered by Reliance Jio.

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