Excitel to Change Broadband Experience for Users With Aprecomm

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Excitel has partnered with Aprecomm to improve the broadband internet experience for the users. The broadband internet service provider (ISP) wants to improve the way the customer care team of the company responds to the users. The partnership between both companies has enabled Excitel to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for bringing down the time and resources taken in solving a query of the customer. Excitel has over 6,00,000 active households using a broadband connection from the company. To cater to their problems, Excitel will be using AI technology to remotely optimise the Wi-Fi connection of the user.

Excitel Has Converted Its FTTH Connections to AI-Enabled Smart Wi-Fi Access Points

This partnership with Aprecomm has enabled Excitel in converting its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections to AI-enabled Smart Wi-FI access points. With the help of AI technology, Excitel will be able to proactively monitor and assess the wireless experience of the several devices connected to their customers’ Wi-Fi networks. This will further enable the ISP in providing real-time insights to users about their Wi-Fi performance and issues so that any problem can be solved in no time.

Mr Vivek Raina, CEO, Excitel Broadband, said that the company’s FTTH connections would be able to optimise and self-adapt based on the users’ needs with the help of AI technology. Mr Raina said that the AI technology being used would allow the customer service agent of the company in remotely solving the problems of the users’ internet connections’.

In an exclusive conversation with TelecomTalk, Mr Raina expressed his concern over the inefficient method of restarting the Wi-Fi router for solving connection issues. Mr Raina said that if restarting the router doesn’t work, the service agent has to go to the house of the customers, and that takes a lot of time and resources.

This new AI technology is set to solve all of these issues right away. Mr Raina confirmed that this improved customer care service is already available for customers throughout India.

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