Everything You Should Know About Wi-Fi Extenders

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A Wi-Fi router is a device that converts your wired broadband internet connection to a wireless internet connection. It helps you connect multiple devices that can access the internet from a single connection. However, it is often observed that the range of a Wi-Fi router is fairly limited. The Wi-Fi signal weakens as we start moving away from the router, and the connection after that is unstable. Here is where Wi-Fi extenders come into the picture. In simple terms, a Wi-Fi extender extends the range of your Wi-Fi signal.

What is Wi-Fi Extender and How Does It Work?

A Wi-Fi extender is a device used to extend the coverage of your Wi-Fi network. It attaches to your Wi-Fi router and helps expand your internet signal into areas that the Wi-Fi router is unable to reach due to disruptions in the signal like walls, furniture or general spacing. When you connect your device to your Wi-Fi router, a link is established. A Wi-Fi Extender will grab the original signal and rebroadcast it on a different channel. It acts as a middleman between your Wi-Fi router and your device with the sole purpose of establishing a stable and fast connection.

Just like how the location of a Wi-Fi Router is of prime importance as it determines the kind of connection

you will receive; similarly, the location for a Wi-Fi extender should also be given due consideration. The ideal location for your Wi-Fi extender is right in the middle of your Wi-Fi Router and the place where you need more powerful Wi-Fi signals.

Wi-Fi Extender is Different from Wi-Fi Repeater

There are other accessory devices that go along with Wi-Fi routers and provide different features to the end consumers. One such product is a Wi-Fi Repeater. The end purpose of a Wi-Fi Repeater is similar to that of a Wi-Fi Extender, which is to improve and extend the range of a wireless signal. However, the two devices differ in the way they operate.

A Wi-Fi Extender operates by capturing and rebroadcasting an existing wireless signal on a different channel. Such a connection has less risk of interference as the device can link to your modem and router via coaxial cable or Ethernet Cord. A Wi-Fi Repeater links wirelessly to your router, which providers only half of the usable bandwidth resulting in high latency. Lastly, Wi-Fi Extenders and Wi-Fi Repeaters both are also referred to as Wi-Fi Boosters.

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Published by
Shrijan Soni

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