ESET Introduces New Mobile Security Solution

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ESET Introduces New Mobile Security SolutionESET the leader in proactive threat protection, has announced the availability of ESET Mobile Security, a new security solution for mobile devices that protects users from the latest mobile threats.

ESET Mobile Security leverages ESET’s proven threat protection to secure users’ mobile communications, sensitive data and privacy on mobile devices that run on Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms.

ESET Mobile Security Provides Advanced Threat Protection from Mobile-based Attacks for Windows Mobile and Symbian Platforms.The latest version eliminates emerging mobile exploits and security breaches and keeps users’ inboxes clear of unwanted SMS and MMS messages additionally, ESET Mobile Security offers enhanced security features, such as Remote Wipe, which prevents sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands in the event of device loss or theft.

It also schedules regular diagnostics of all vital phone functions, including battery life, free disk space, running processes, Bluetooth and device visibility, so that users may be notified of any security concerns.

The product is also the first to offer password protection to prevent unauthorized uninstallation and changes in anti-theft settings.Because smartphones have limited memory, processing, battery and bandwidth capabilities, ESET Mobile Security was designed with a light footprint that does not impact device performance.

ESET Mobile Security is available immediately with support for Symbian S60 third Edition (Feature Packs 1 and 2), Symbian S60 fifth Edition, Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5. ESET Mobile Security will continue to support upcoming OS versions of Windows Mobile and Symbian.

For additional details and to download ESET Mobile Security, visit

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