Ericsson Tests Fully Recyclable Packaging Solution With Deutsche Telekom and Swisscom

Ericsson introduces an eco-friendly packaging solution for Remote Radio products, reducing plastic content and environmental impact while maintaining product protection. Collaborative trials with DT and Swisscom pave the way for a greener future.


  • Ericsson tests a recyclable packaging solution for Remote Radio products, minimizing plastic content.
  • Collaborative trials with Deutsche Telekom and Swisscom ensure structural integrity for heavy-duty products.
  • The new packaging's carbon impact is equal to or better than existing solutions, aligning with Net Zero goals.

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Ericsson Tests Recyclable Packaging Solution With Deutsche Telekom and Swisscom
Ericsson joined forces with Deutsche Telekom of Germany and Swisscom of Switzerland to conduct initial tests of the new recyclable packaging solution. The project's primary objective is to offer a more sustainable packaging option and maintain the high structural integrity necessary for safeguarding heavy-duty electronic products during the shipping process.

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Ericsson Packaging Solution

Ericsson says its design team in Stockholm has created this sustainable packaging solution for its Remote Radio products. This solution replaces oil-based plastics with wood fibre materials for packaging inserts.

Environmental Impact Reduction

The goal of the project is to decrease the environmental impact of Ericsson's packaging, ensuring efficiency in production, logistics, and disposal, while also preventing contribution to ocean plastic pollution.

Recyclable Inserts

The new packaging inserts are fully recyclable and significantly reduce the total plastic content of the packaging from 20 percent to less than one percent.

Anti-Abrasion Coating

According to Ericsson, the wood fibre material used for packaging includes an anti-abrasion coating that eliminates the need for a plastic bag to protect the product's surface. The only remaining plastic content is the tape used to seal the outer package.

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Collaboration with Suppliers

Ericsson said it has worked with suppliers Nefab and DS Smith to develop innovative designs that maintain the required structural integrity for protecting heavy-duty electronic products during shipping.

Environmental Contributions

The initiative aligns with Ericsson's sustainability strategy and contributes to the company's goal of achieving Net Zero across its value chain by 2040. The move toward Net Zero and regulations on plastic packaging will drive industry-wide changes in material usage within global supply chains.

Collaboration and Expansion

Ericsson partnered with Deutsche Telekom and Swisscom for initial tests of the packaging solution. Following successful trials, the company plans to roll out the new packaging solution to more customers and expand its use to cover additional hardware products.

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Circularity and Sustainability

The packaging solution comprises 99 percent fibre-based materials, enabling recycling and reducing plastic waste in the supply chain. The use of 100 percent corrugated inserts also reduces packaging size by up to 20 percent compared to conventional plastic inserts.

Overall, Ericsson's initiative showcases its commitment to sustainability, circularity, and reducing its environmental footprint in packaging and product distribution.

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