Global: EE Impels First Wi-Fi Calling Service In United Kingdom

EE, the esteemed mobile operator of UK, has induced the first Wi-Fi calling service in the country. At a time when call drop in the middle of a conversion can be frustrating, EE’s new calling service uses Wi-Fi to host the mobile coverage of users by routing all the voice calls through a Wi-Fi hotspot.

First Wi-Fi Calling Service

Users with Wi-Fi facility in their smartphones can use this service and experience a terrific call quality. EE has decided to collaborate with Mavenir to offer this peerless calling service to all the users.

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Other Telecom Operators In Race With EE:

All the mobile operators in UK have been trying for many years to launch this service in the first place, but EE has won the race. The company announced its intentions last year and has taken less than 12 months to execute its plans. Among many others, Vodafone has also announced to launch this service in the near future.

Wi-Fi calling service is dissimilar from the free OTT calling service offered by WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and Facebook messenger. While these platforms use internet to make calls, EE’s Wi-Fi calling service let the router access the mobile network, thus facilitating high-quality voice calls.

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April 8, 2015 7:11 am 7:11 AM

This can be game changer.

Rjio would be alret deploying WiFi hot spot In some cities.

Also they are already having 4G network.

So all call will be routed from own network at remote placed they can continue with sharing network of other operator like rcom