App Review: Dr. News: Your Daily Dosage of News!

Smartphones, these days are not only used just to make and receive calls, but they also became very productive ever since the Android and iOS’s garnered popularity. Smartphones are the tools with which everyone can stay updated. The world is running, and everyone is busy with their life, but one thing’s for sure, there is always something’s happening around the world, every day and every second. And, we call it as ‘NEWS.’ What do you say if we introduce an application, which will keep you updated with all the happenings all over the world?

You might be wondering, for now. Android has a plethora of news apps to choose from, but only some of them stand out. Here’s an all new News app, namely, the ‘Dr. News’, which is aiming to take on the already crowded Android market with its unique offerings.

There are several features to choose from the Dr. News app. Initially, to take on its rivals, they have collaborated with several major publications such as The Guardian, Engadget,, Deccan Chronicle, etc. Let’s take a close look at all the features offered by Dr. News.

Read What You Like

The Dr. News features a very light interface with easy navigation to all the features. Opening up the application itself, you get access to all the non-stop news related to the traditional categories such as Cricket, Sports, LifeStyle, Auto, Food, Style, Tech, Movies, etc. The categories are beautifully sorted on the top of the home screen, and you can also sort the categories to appear at the top, which is a welcome feature. For example, if you want only news related to tech, you can do that by disabling the other category of news by pressing the ‘+’ symbol on top right corner.


Read Only from the ‘Subscribed’ Source

What if you’re bored of reading the news from every publication and badly wanted to read from your desired paper? For this, the Dr. News team has come up with a simple solution. They have added a different ‘Subscribe’ tab at the bottom of the home screen in the application, where you can subscribe to a particular channel of your liking. Next time when you want to read from the same source, just hit the subscribe button and you’re ready to go.


Save it, Read it.

Another interesting feature in the Dr. News application is that you can keep the news offline to read them later. The best part is, if you want to read the news related to technology, then the application will get the latest 100 articles in the technology category downloaded right away on to the phone to read them at any time, even without internet.
Interestingly enough, you can take the articles offline even with images, which necessarily limits the storage use. You can take the stories offline very quickly by following the below-mentioned steps.
1) Choose the category which you want to read, whether it be sports, technology, movies, etc.
2) Head over to the app settings and take the entire category offline.


Pictures Have It All

With the Dr. News application, you get an interesting and exclusive feature called as ‘Picture.’ At the bottom of home screen itself, there is a tab named Picture, which has access to several image-based stories. That said, in this tab, a stack of images will be shown and pressing each stack will take you to the original story, which will be displayed in the form of only images and a single line text. As of now, this picture mode has only stories related to only Indian Bollywood stuff, which is taken directly from BollywoodLife.


Videos, for Faster Updates in Your Busy Life

The world is moving quickly, and the next trend will be videos Catching on the trend, the team of Dr. News added a feature called as ‘Videos,’ which functions same as the picture feature, but here instead of a slide show, a trending video from each category will be displayed. Unlike Picture, which is limited to just one group, videos have a broad range of categories to watch from. Both the Picture and Video features are unique of their kind.

Switch to Text Mode if Your Internet is Patchy

Struggling with slow speed internet while reading your favorite stories? Don’t worry. Dr. News app has a perfect solution for this problem. Under the ‘Me’ section, there is a feature called ‘Text Mode’ which after enabling disables the application to load images from the entire application. This feature results in two advantages: the stories will load much faster, and it also helps not to lose your phone’ storage.

Share it to Get the World Rolling!

With the Dr. News app, you can share each and every story that appears in the application to your individual Facebook profile. The application automatically fetches your Facebook login details if you have the Facebook application installed. Otherwise, you need to manually login at the time of the first share.


A Great News App to Stay Up to Date!

Though Dr. News app is a new one, it has all the features that are handy. The offline mode is an incredibly useful one to have around. However, the company isn’t done yet. In future, they are planning to improve the overall interface of the application by adding a faster refresh feature by sliding down from the top of homepage and much more.
The Dr. News application is the one-stop destination for all your daily news needs. The application is completely free to download from Google Play Store, and after seeing all the features of Dr. News, you might be itching to give it a go. You can directly download the application by clicking here.

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