DoT Allocates Short code to CBI, New Delhi for Anti-Corruption Helpline

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The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has allocated a short code to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), New Delhi, for the anti-corruption helpline. This will help in easy communication between the general public and the CBI. DoT said that this short code has been categorised under 'Category-1' service, meaning it has to be mandatorily provided by all the access providers. It is not restricted to any one group of people or individuals. Anyone who needs it can use it to make a call. DoT said that it is a metered service. DoT said, "It may be taken as called party pays or calling party pays depending on a separate intimation, to this effect, issued from the agency to which this short code is allocated in furtherance to this DoT instruction."

This short code will be used now to call CBI, New Delhi, for the anti-corruption helpline. The short code is - 14451.

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