Do PG Portal, BSNL Authorities at least read complaints – Our Experience says No!

Back in 2014 I had shared details of my harrowing experience with a telemarketer at TelecomTALK. Since then I was registered with TRAI DND under fully blocked category. As it always happens in this world wherein rules are seldom cared for, I continued to receive calls and messages from other numbers.

Thankfully, the frequency was much lesser after joining DND list! I finally decided to bring violators to book and started sending SMS to 1909 in the TRAI prescribed format.

My service provider BSNL (AP Circle) used to assure me of an acknowledgement number by SMS every single time I lodged a complaint. However I never received acknowledgement numbers and no resolution updates at later dates. For sometime I felt actions might have been taken and chose to ignore this issue. Further when spam continued I decided to apprise BSNL about the issue. BSNL call center executives were clueless and offered to book a complaint but again nothing happened.

That’s when I decided to knock the doors of PG Portal. I had some hopes as several TelecomTALK readers shared their good experiences with PG Portal. Finally I raised my complaint on 16 January 2015 including all details in clear words.



The Resolution(?)

On February 19 my complaint was closed (or rather disposed as they state) with a resolution(?). The word disposed is certainly a poor choice according to me as it means get rid of by throwing away or giving or selling to someone else. Over the entire resolution period that extended for over a month the complaint changed hands between several BSNL authorities as was shown in PG Portal status from time to time. However looking at the final resolution, the final officer who gave it does not seem to have even read my complaint. If the officer had read my complaint, he would not have suggested me to lodge complaints against telemarketers while my complaint was and is against BSNL for not providing me acknowledgement numbers and resolution updates.


The Senior BSNL officer did not use his official email ID to send me an update. When Govt. officials are constantly advised against using foreign email services, BSNL still seems to be very fond of Gmail.


Did you ever approach PG Portal with a complaint? Were you satisfied with the resolution provided? Let us know through comments.

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Maaz Kalim
September 28, 2017 12:29 am 12:29 AM
Well, my complaint wasn’t related to telecom but it was well within the perimeter of consumer affairs and grievance redressal mechanisms framed for such “special” cases. It was about a TDR-fraud committed by the very “prestigious” and oldest Railway Board, yes, the CR! But as you stated without giving any respects to the reasoning in either first response or subsequent filings, all they did was to “dispose off” every case by throwing-back that open display of chutzpah after days. That was 6 years earlier from now, and ‘coincidentally,’ the case started in the very same month. As a matter of… Read more »
September 22, 2015 2:41 am 2:41 AM

I have raise the complaint and waiting for it to be solved. I don’t know whether it will be solved.

S Gopal
February 23, 2015 12:24 pm 12:24 PM

The newly appointed CMD of BSNL states that he has a hands-on approach and quoting verbatim “A firm believer in team work, Shri Shrivastava always sets examples by himself and uses latest technological applications to promote and inculcate team work amongst his subordinates and maintain synergy in BSNL management.” He ought to ensure that complaints routed through to senior management and to PG portal are given the utmost importance and resolutions are brought about. A trust deficiency should not exist.