Deutsche Telekom to Deploy 5G Networks for Eurogate’s Port Terminal Digitization

Deutsche Telekom collaborates with Eurogate, a leading container terminal operator, to deploy 5G campus networks at key port terminals in Germany, optimizing container handling and digital logistics.


  • Eurogate partners with Deutsche Telekom for 5G campus networks at German port terminals.
  • Initiative aims to revolutionize container handling and digital logistics within ports.
  • Dual-slice network architecture ensures data security and exclusive resources.

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Deutsche Telekom to Build 5G Campus Networks for Eurogate
Deutsche Telekom will implement 5G campus networks at Eurogate's key port terminals in Germany. Eurogate is Europe's shipping-independent container terminal operator. Telekom said it will equip port terminals in Hamburg, Bremerhaven, and Wilhelmshaven by spring 2024.

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This collaborative effort is set to improve the efficiency and flexibility of container handling processes and digital logistics applications within the port industry. As per the statement, the 5G business customer solution "Campus Network L" will improve mobile coverage at the container terminals of these three ports.


The "Port-As-A-Service" project is backed by the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) as part of the "Digital Test Fields in Ports" funding initiative. This funding supports the creation of real testing environments for innovations in logistics, particularly in port settings.

Use of 5G Frequencies

Eurogate will utilize its own 5G industrial frequencies in addition to Telekom's public mobile network. These frequencies, located in the 3.7 to 3.8 GHz range, will be used for critical data traffic, such as further digitising handling processes and networking equipment. This means that Eurogate basically has two 5G frequency bands and a total of around 190 MHz of bandwidth at its disposal.


The collaboration aims to achieve various goals, including connecting control and process control systems, automating container handling through autonomous equipment, utilizing autonomous trucks for container arrival and delivery, and establishing cloud-connected industrial port handling equipment.

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Telekom stated that the 5G campus networks, set to be operational by Spring 2024, will cover a total area of around 5.6 million square meters across the three terminals. Notably, existing light poles will be used as antenna supports, minimizing the need for new infrastructure.

Telekom plans to expand its mobile communications systems on-site and install three more 5G radio sites at each of the terminal sites in Bremerhaven (2.9 million square meters) and Hamburg (1.4 million square meters), as well as two in Wilhelmshaven (1.3 million square meters).

What's unique about this approach is that the company is using existing light poles as supports for the 5G antennas, rather than erecting new masts. Telekom emphasised that this expansion will not only be cost-effective but also beneficial for enhancing the network's coverage and performance.

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Network Architecture

The 5G networks will utilize a dual-slice campus network approach. One slice will serve the public, while the other, based on the local 5G industrial spectrum, will provide a private network for Eurogate's internal data traffic. This separation ensures data security and exclusive network resources.

The network architecture involves a Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS) solution, which combines a central 5G core network managed by Telekom with a local user gateway for Eurogate. Telekom said this architecture ensures data remains on-site while being managed securely.


Eurogate will have access to high-performance 5G connectivity, exclusive bandwidth, and the flexibility to optimize logistics processes. The network's architecture offers security, low latencies, and reliability, along with dedicated SIM cards and service level agreements for networked devices.

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Deutsche Telekom reports that Eurogate intends to improve container handling efficiency, competitiveness and explore logistics solutions through the implementation of 5G networks.

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