Connect Broadband Sets Up Netflix Cache Grid at Mohali, Promises Better Experience for Netflix Viewers

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The Punjab area dominating company, Connect Broadband has deployed a new Netflix Cache Grid at Mohali. This step by the broadband service provider is expected to enhance the speed of Netflix access on the network is also likely to improve the customer viewing experience. This cache grid is going to use internet peering with Netflix's data centres to enable faster and more reliable content delivery. As per Connect Broadband’s claims, this new setup will allow users to directly stream titles from service provider’s network, rather than streaming them from Netflix’s servers. Given that Netflix accounts for 40% of the total internet traffic, this move is going to bring improvement in the speed and reliability of the connection. When users request a particular show on the network, the data cache will push the already assembled files from the Connect Data Centre so that users are ensured a buffer free experience.


Regarding this new launch, Mr Arvind Jalota, Chief Business Officer Connect Broadband said, “By deploying the Netflix Cache Grid in Mohali, we aim to give an enhanced customer experience to Connect users watching Netflix shows. Moreover, our experience in streaming technology provides a more sophisticated adaptive streaming experience for our users.”

Connect Broadband’s statement further read “Netflix alone accounts for over 40% of all Internet traffic, in order to manage this heavy load the caches of Netflix catalogue has been put at Mohali, the content is updated daily. The cache is pre-loaded with enough regionally popular titles for Netflix. With this, all Connect Broadband users watching Netflix content will experience High-speed content with no buffer, Video streaming and applications with minimal latency.”

It is worth noting that Connect Broadband which remains a major broadband provider focused in Punjab has also expanded to the territories of Himachal Pradesh and Haryana recently. As such, with a lot of people using Netflix and the growing number of users for the same, the Netflix data cache is going to promise a smoother, faster and much more reliable fixed line experience. Not only that, the use of Connect data centre to avail content directly from Netflix servers will mean an overall notched up experience for Netflix viewers using Connect’s fixed-line service.

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