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Truly Unlimited Data Postpaid Plans 699 & 1099  


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20/09/2020 2:45 pm  

RED Plans are now VI Postpaid. 

Plan 1: 1099/cycle

In my opinion, once the travel scenario is back to normal, this plan can be priced higher and moved to the premium segment - 1599 & Above - considering the truly UL data benefits (It again depends on which audience segment the company wants to acquire, so I'm unsure).

I would straight away go for this plan even if it is priced 1599+ provided 

  1. My voice calling experience is Good (Be it 2G, VoLTE or VoWiFi) 
  2. Internet experience is reliable. 


Plan 2: 699/cycle

This plan is the budget version of the above (no extra perks). I believe considering the travel scenario outside this plan is the BEST pick, else I would straightaway opt for Plan 1. 


I believe, these two Truly Unlimited Postpaid Plans on 4G belong to a premium category and are one of its kind. If anyone is happy with the internet/voice experience on VI Network in their most spent location, these plans are highly recommended. 


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