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Vodafone TUESDAYS #StayHomeGoDigital Edition  


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05/05/2020 2:11 pm  

Vodafone brings #StayHomeGoDigital version of Vodafone Tuesdays during Lockdown times. 

This is specially for those who want to go digital and learn something productive.

Deals of the Week Include : 

1. Toppr : Learning app for class 5-12 : Additional 12% on Toppr Packages and Modules

2. Eduonix : Get 30% off on e-learning courses at Eduonix 

3. Cuemath : 16% off Cuemath Online Program (First Time User)

4. edureka! : Get upto 30% off on Master and Certification courses on Edureka. 


Pro Tip : If you have any plans to avail the above, don't forget that Vodafone is also currently offering Double Data Benefit to customers on multiple recharge denominations. Check for the offer on your Vodafone number 😊 


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