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Sales Team Miscommitment for New connection port from Airtel Postpaid  


Manish Pandey
 Manish Pandey
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22/10/2020 1:36 pm  
Hi Team,
Here i'm writing this mail in order to escalate the issue since I'm not getting any resolution over the Customer care number 198 or from your backend complaints team regarding my concern.
Also, they have closed my concern without resolution hence I've escalated once again on 198 to file an appeal against unresolved complaint closure.
IssueSales Team Miscommitment for New connection port from Airtel Postpaid 
Mobile number details: 
Number ported from Aitel Postpaid (more than 10 years old postpaid connection) to VI
I was committed for Rs 199 monthly plan to convert from Airtel Postpaid to VI and now activated 399+GST plan, hence I need Rs 199 monthly plan only, else port my number back to Airtel. 
Also, take action against the 3 VI sales guys responsible for this fake commitment including verification and data collection guy.
Sales Contact numbers available with me: 
+91 954****** (Claimed himself as Senior VI manager and committed to providing Rs 199 Monthly plan instantly after sim activation) 
+91 7834***** (Initially told me that plan is of Rs 399 (Inclusive GST) and after 5 months same will be automatically converted into Rs 199 monthly plan)
Also, both executives told me that I'll get an email prior to number activation with plan details, and only post my confirmation number will be ported but nothing has happened.
My concerns:
- Take action against the sales team and verification/data collection team
- Change my plan to Rs 199 monthly immediately
Note: In case of no resolution same will be marked CC to customer complaint forums, social media forums and share market forums
Manish Pandey

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10/11/2020 6:19 pm  

299 red basic plan is available after 3 months of staying on vi postpaid.

if you wish to disconnect the connection they will give 299 plan with 100rs monthly discount for 6 months as they will wish to retain you.

that is 199 plan.


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