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Trai Reviews International Roaming Regulations to Prevent Subscribers From Bill Shocks  


Shrijan Soni
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27/05/2020 5:39 pm  

Trai has issued a consultation paper to review all the terms related to international roaming. The move by the regulatory body will prevent the subscribers from bill shocks on using their mobile phones in abroad countries. As stated by Trai,…

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01/06/2020 4:11 pm  

TRAI should have make a few things mandatory:

1. Max billing per day and per billing period.
Sometimes, a traveller may cross 2-3 countries in the same day. e.g. in Europe, or on a flight via a connecting airport back to India. Vodafone roaming charges for 1 day only, but Airtel tries to charge you for 1 day for every country visited/touched! This should be stopped.

2. Data access control on a per app basis.
All smartphones (IOS and Android) must have easy to use control for data usage per app, at least for roaming. You may want to use data only for some apps, for urgent messaging etc. You can always use hotel or public wifi for larger downloads.

3. Wifi Calling.
Wifi Calling should be made mandatory for all international roaming. If the phone is connected to a wifi hotspot, there should true 'Roam as Home' with the phone just connecting to the telco via wifi (just like Airtel and Jio phones already do within India.). So, no additional charges beyond usage of your domestic minutes if you are using wifi calling. This will make International voice roaming much cheaper. It will also help improve security as the calls can then be monitored like any other voice calls. Many international telecom companies already provide this, but Indian companies don't.

4. International roaming should be switchable from the phone, can be via an app, instead of calling the operator. Use OTP or call-backs to confirm the transaction so that the facility is not misused.

5. TRAI should do a detailed analysis of problems faced by users of matrix and other similar roaming SIM card providers. There ae many complaints. TRAI can then set up service rules and consumer protection rules accordingly.


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