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Samsung Unveils Galaxy Assured, Galaxy Forever Schemes in India  


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03/07/2020 6:02 pm  

Samsung India on Friday announced the launch of Galaxy Assured and Galaxy Forever schemes in India. The company said that the schemes are intended to increase the "affordability options" to users seeking to purchase Samsung’s flagship range of smartphones in…

Sahil Shah
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03/07/2020 8:41 pm  

No use.. I am seriously thinking to move to iOS again after moving to Android couple of years ago. Anything below 35k, Samsung is good, however, above 35k, I will be going with Apple any day. Samsung phones are well made but they are seriously lacking on OS updates. I would not like to spend 60k just for 2 major OS upgrades. That is not at all acceptable. iPhone 6s will be receiving iOS 14 that will make 5 major OS upgrades. Also, iOS 14 also has brought good enough features from Android and is far ahead on privacy front. There are some mind-blowing privacy features on iOS 14 which is very tempting.


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