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Prepaid Plans from Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio Offering 2GB Data per Day  


Tanay Singh
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18/06/2020 7:10 am  

Customers love the 1.5GB daily data plans. But for some, it is just not enough. That is why the telcos also offer 2GB daily data plans. There are various prepaid plans from Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio which offer 2GB…

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18/06/2020 9:34 am  

Few days ago I had posted a trick to get 50 GB jio data in Rs. 200.
Now 1 more trick for jio users.
This trick is for those who doesn't require 1.5/2 GB daily data & don't want to spend Rs. 500/600 for 84 days plan but requires on an average daily data of 500 MB or less.
So 1st do Rs. 100 talktime recharges of 4 times & talktime Recharge of Rs. 10.
So u will det talktime balance of Rs. 334.47 and data vouchers of lumpsum 41 GB.
Now go to my jio app and do recharge of Rs. 329 and make the payment via talktime balance of above. So u will get overall unlimited jio to jio calling, jio to non jio 3000 minutes & 6 GB + 41 GB data in Rs. 410 only for 84 days. Enjoy.

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18/06/2020 3:02 pm  

@NTM  are you sure that it works..

Can you please share the screenshot of payment made via TT balance. 🤗 

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18/06/2020 11:22 pm  

the 50 gb jio data in RS 200 does not work as the prom 1gb data vouchers does not work with the INR 151 plan. While redeeming it shows the message ' The Jio number does not have valid plan to recharge the selected vouchers. mY earlier comment was not approved for reasons best known to the moderator.

Sharma ji
 Sharma ji
(@Sharma ji)
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19/06/2020 5:02 pm  

Thanx for the amazing trick brother.
I will wait more tricks in future. I got know that there is a option to recharge from main balance.. this is very helpful info yu give before


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