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Floor Prices Will Be Fixed After Normalcy Gets Restored in Telecom Sector: Trai Chairman  


Shrijan Soni
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26/05/2020 1:58 pm  

The Trai or Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has once again declined the request of telecom operators to set fixed floor pricing in India. Telecom operators like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea, Reliance Jio has been facing financial distress due to…

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26/05/2020 3:31 pm  

then what about fixation of floor quality of service?
Govt will auction spectrum at the highest prices and again force subscribers to pay higher amounts. Isn't this violation of consumer rights?

onam jee
 onam jee
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27/05/2020 9:58 pm  

very true question asked by u. also, if the floor price is fixed, then every recharge should be having its own validity, not depending upon any other plan.
for e. g. if one gb data is fixed for 10 or 20 rupees, and someone do rc for one gb data, he need not be having any other plan necessary. like base plan or plan validity or service validity only plan.
every rc must be free from any validity restrictions of other rc.

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27/05/2020 10:51 pm  

+1 on that sAm. I am not siding with either COAI or TRAI but I think fixing Floor Pricing would enable the telecom operators to plan ahead better. So fix it subject to certain conditions like providing a plan to pay dues considering whatever best time limit & aspects of that payment plan, maintaining higher QoS & ethical values, etc. If they mess up .. again .. renew the Floor Pricing - keep this as a condition as well.


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