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COAI Requests States to Open Retail Recharging Centres  


Shrijan Soni
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21/04/2020 6:42 pm  

The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has requested the states to open retail recharging centres to aid telecom subscribers. Since telecom services fall under essential services, COAI has urged that people involved in the business of retail recharge centres…

Rio | Noida
 Rio | Noida
(@Rio | Noida)
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22/04/2020 12:31 pm  

Airtel is biiiiiiiiiig fraud comapny. They say they gave free incoming till 3rd May free of cost. But few days back my plan expired incoming now has stopped too. Outgoing stopped is okay.
I called the customer care, take 500rs and just give me 1 year free incoming, (I use entirely Jio). But No!!! , they don't want this, they want you to irritate you to pay rs 45/49 every month. I am thinking of changing my phone in aadhar and good bye forever to this airtel s#it.

Idea/ Vodafone will survive..No more jio lover no
 Idea/ Vodafone will survive..N...
(@Idea/ Vodafone will survive..No more jio lover no)
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22/04/2020 2:16 pm  

Send port message after lockdown and they will call you and give you 1 month free incoming.

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22/04/2020 4:52 pm  

Jio sucks here in ap. Customer care not working. In app chat bot sends defaults msgs nothing can we expected.


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