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Broadband Connection Types to Know Before Choosing a New ISP  


Shrijan Soni
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17/06/2020 7:04 am  

Sometimes setting up a new broadband connection for homes or businesses can be stressful. Due to ease of business and various incentives by the government, various broadband service providers have made their space in the market. All the service providers…

D Vdhae
 D Vdhae
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04/07/2020 6:36 pm  

Current DSL tech goes beyond 1Gbps. ADSL was mainly operated from Telco buildings. Current technology uses fiber to get close to the customers, with cabinets in the street, or in a building. 100Mbps is till around 500m, 1Gbps till around 100m, newer tech is coming, similar as fiber has evolution. DSL can use any existing cable : telephone wire or coax. This means that much less new fiber needs to be installed and connected to serve customers sooner with fiber-like speed.


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