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Bharti Airtel Yearly Prepaid Plans, Get Unlimited Calling and Data Benefits  


Tanay Singh
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03/06/2020 7:10 am  

Every telco wants to retain its customers for the long term. Which is why they offer yearly prepaid plans. It is the same with Airtel. You can check out Airtel yearly prepaid plans in case you want unlimited calling and…

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03/06/2020 12:04 pm  

Doesn't make sense at the moment. Let auction happen then decide whether to recharge for annual plans or not. Let Airtel expand in rural area.

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03/06/2020 2:11 pm  

nothing going to change drastically after spectrum aution.

As airtel know there is very less competiton in aution, thus they can get whatever spectrum at given rate.

Secondly tural expansion is alredy underway, due to Lockdown its slows down, In last 3 quarter many Tower were upgrade to 4G and coverted 2100Mhz into 4G.

Rural expansion is also under way when Mr vittal said, pan india Sub-Ghz spectrum for 4G, either 900/850Mhz.

dont know about Urs or most people wont roam too much from rural to urban as daily, thus Each Circle having mini market ,as per region wise.

Considering thiese factor just to delay Annual rechage dont make sense or coverage of risk.

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03/06/2020 7:30 pm  

I think it's better for those who gets decent internet speed along with coverage and don't travel much. For frequent travelers (Specially in Rural areas), personally, I don't prefer Airtel Or Vodafone Idea as of now. It could be good in the future but currently it's not. Jio has wider coverage with decent speed in rural areas and on the other hand, the speed sucks at many urban areas.

At my village, Airtel and Vodafone Idea deployed 4G on 1800 (Airtel 10MHZ and Vodafone Idea 5 MHZ) only but Jio has all bands (2300 :10+20, 1800-5 or 10 not sure. 850 :10 MHZ). All operators (including BSNL) provides decent speed here due to less users but when you visit/go away from the road (taking about a few KMs), you will get less/no coverage apart from Jio (Not even BSNL).


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