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Airtel Postpaid Customers to Get Up to Rs 3,600 Off on New iPhone XR and iPhone 11  


Tanay Singh
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15/07/2020 1:44 pm  

Bharti Airtel keeps on rolling out new offers and benefits for its customers. Now the telco has partnered with Apple to bring its customers a discount benefit when purchasing a new iPhone. iPhones are quite expensive and to get any…

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15/07/2020 10:10 pm  

This means Airtel want you to be on postpaid before buying Apple iphone?

this is bad move. why airtel ignoreing customer who are moving to postpaid along with purchase of new iphone,

In simple term, make offer available to all airtel thanks, WHY limited to EXITING postpaid, and leaving behing potential pre to post and MNP customer????

Secondly If anyone having experinace about how smooth is migration to esim on airtel postpaid, please share


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