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Vodafone REDX Postpaid Plan Speed issue  


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10/04/2020 10:21 pm  

Using Redx plan but speed very slow

Vodafone RED postpaid plans in Punjab comes with loads of benefits such as lowest bill guarantee, data rollover, mobile protection insurance, free subscription to Amazon Prime and Netflix, free access to Vodafone Play with of course unlimited calls (local/STD) and national roaming you will not be disappointed.

What do you get with Vodafone postpaid plans in Punjab?

1.Seamless 4G experience on data strong network.
2.Protection from bill shock when you exceed your postpaid limit.
3. Exclusive add-on benefits at no extra cost.
4. Free replacement/repair/upgrade of iPhone under iPhone Forever plan.

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10/04/2020 10:39 pm  

Not only Vodafone but most of the mobile operators are having speed issue should be fine in coming days .

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