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Airtel Wynk Concerts Could be the Future of Concert Industry  


Shrijan Soni
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14/05/2020 8:18 pm  

Airtel is Planning to Launch Online Concert Feature in Wynk Music

Airtel is gearing up to launch an online concert facility on the Wynk Music Application. Since the threat of Covid-19 has disrupted the concert industry, Bharti Airtel is looking to host online concerts where people could have a good time. Bharti Airtel has already hosted two online live shows on Wynk music application to validate the technology. One of the live online concerts which featured singer Aastha Gill witnessed more than 35,000 users which resulted in boosting the morale of Wynk Team to launch the feature soon. It is also expected that Airtel will launch the online concert facility under the new head which will be labelled as #WynkConcerts.

Concert Industry Will be Digitalised


Since the threat of Covid-19 has exploded in India, the government of India has urged the entire nation to follow social distancing as it is the sole method to protect themselves from the wrath of the deadly virus. Since offline concerts often attract masses, social distancing at events is nearly impossible. To revive the music recording industry and mainstream the concert industry, Bharti Airtel is trying to change the structure and meaning of concerts in future. With the launch of online shows, all the users who love attending music festival and concerts will witness a safer and unforgettable experience from any part of the world. Also, there will be no time barriers to virtual shows, and everyone will be able to be a part of the concert. It is expected that the feature will be launched soon.

Artists Will get Huge Benefits from the Online Concert Feature

The entire music industry is facing the wrath of Covid-19. All the live shows have been cancelled due to the increasing threats of the deadly virus. Artists who used to travel for concerts have been stuck at homes with less exposure to their talent. Wynk Music has been working on the feature for a long time. Since Wynk music has a whopping amount of daily active users, Artists will not have to worry about exposure. Not only this, but they will also be able to connect with big record labels and artists which would increase their brand value in future. It is expected that once the feature is launched, Wynk music will bring fresh international and national artists on the platform. Also, artists who are just starting with their journey will be able to perform in online concerts and create a fan base for their talent. Since Wynk Music has already tested two online concerts, we can expect that Wynk music will launch the online concert feature in a grand and unforgettable way. Till date, no official launch date has been revealed by Bharti Airtel regarding the launch of an online concert feature.

Airtel has already hosted two live online concerts to validate the technology. One of the online concerts featuring singer Aastha Gill witnessed 35,000 users.

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15/05/2020 8:27 am  

Current Situation : A Strong Yes 👍 

When the world is back to normal : An Yes [for some exceptional concert performances/cases or from a section of the audience] - Concerts not just provide Music, but it's an experience of Live Loud Sound, Audience, the large crowd, the energy in/from the cheers, your experience with the intimate ones and many more.

The audio set-up experience is another important factor which may not be achieved in personal audio equipments. 

But a good concept 😊 to keep users engaged in the current scenario. 


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