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Latest movies on the SunNXT app. 40+ Live TV Channels, TV Shows, Music Videos, Comedy and exclusives on Sun NXT anytime anywhere.

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Movie release in your channel
Hammare daddy by jaihoofilm
Movie is Sensored and with U/A Certificate
I hope you will response as soon as possible
Contact no. [Mob# Removed]

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Sun NXT - Frequently Asked Questions


What are the subscription plans offered by Sun NXT?

Sun NXT offers 3 (three) subscription plans to choose from. The plan you choose to subscribe to will determine the validity period of your membership.


Indian Subscription Plans:

  • Monthly Plan
  • Quarterly Plan; and
  • Annual Plan

For International Users:

  • Monthly Plan
  • Quarterly Plan; and
  • Annual Plan.

The price for each plan is indicated before you choose such plan.

Why do I receive a notification stating 'Sun NXT is not available in your country' every time I try to access Sun NXT?

While we endeavor to make our services available all across the world we are yet to launch our services in a few countries. If you get the message 'Sun NXT is not available in your country', it implies that we have not yet activated our service in your country. We are in the process of launching Sun NXT in multiple jurisdictions and request you to check back after some time.

Can I view videos when I'm in Private or Incognito mode from my web browser?

Yes, you can. Except for disabling your browsing history, private browsing is much like regular browsing.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my subscription?

Yes, refund is possible. Please refer to our Terms of Use for further information. Can I upgrade my subscription plan prior to the expiry of my existing subscription plan? You can upgrade to a new subscription plan without any hassle. Your new subscription plan will begin once your existing plan expires. Please refer to our Terms of Use for further information.

Do I need to be a member to access the content on Sun NXT?

Yes, you will have to choose from one of our subscription plans to enjoy the benefits of Sun NXT.

Will my subscription plan be automatically renewed?

Sun NXT subscription is automatically renewed at the end of your current subscription plan unless you send us a cancellation request. Failure to send a cancellation request prior to the expiry of your subscription plan will indicate that you have provided us with express consent to extend your subscription plan and we will deduct the subscription fee as per the existing plan. Please refer to our Terms of Use, for further details. Please note the automatic renewal is applicable as under:

Do I have to pay any additional fee to access the content in other languages?

As per new requirement, the customer outside India can also access all the languages under a single subscription.

In India: All Credit cards | Debit Cards of Axis bank, ICICI Bank and HDFC bank | Paytm Wallet
Outside India:All Credit & Debit Cards via PayPal.


Can I use my subscription in a country outside the country from where I had subscribed to Sun NXT?

No, Sun NXT services are geo restricted and a subscription plan purchased in one country will not be valid in another country.

My account has not been activated even though I have paid the subscription fees. What should I do?

Please get in touch with our Customer Care at [email protected]

Why am I unable to use the promotional discount code?

Please get in touch with our Customer Care at [email protected]


Why are my videos taking so long to buffer?

Please check your internet connection. Sometimes low speed internet can cause videos to stream slowly or stop altogether. Higher quality videos use more bandwidth than videos of lower quality. If your service provider applies a bandwidth or data cap to your Internet service, you can manage bandwidth usage by changing the video quality settings to Low or Medium. If the problem still persists, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Why is my Sun NXT platform getting stuck?

Please ensure that Your Sun NXT platform has been updated to the most recent version and your device has sufficient memory. If the touch screen of your device becomes unresponsive after launching the platform, please restart your device. If the problem persists please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Why are certain videos not available in my country?

Certain content is limited to selected countries due to copyright restrictions. Hence you may not be able to view certain videos in your country.

Can I cast Sun NXT to my Smart TV?

Yes. By using services such as Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay you can cast Sun NXT to your TV & instantly watch content. Sun NXT is also available on selected Smart TVs

When will videos displaying a 'Coming Soon' message become available?

You will receive a notification regarding the availability of the video, provided you have enabled the option to receive Sun NXT notifications.

How can I manually set my video and audio Quality?

You can either go to your profile settings and set your preferred quality, or you can set it while viewing the content by clicking on 'Select Quality' on the bottom right corner of the media player.

How much data does Sun NXT consume?

Sun NXT streams high resolution content to your devices. This requires significant bandwidth and may result in high cellular data usage charges from your carrier. Try using the platform on a Wireless Internet ('Wi-Fi') connection if want to minimize these charges.

How can I get a Sun NXT platform to play music when minimized?

By default, the platform plays music when minimized.

How do I limit downloads to 'only over WiFi'?

This is the default option on the SunNxt platform, your download will begin only if a stable Wi-Fi connection is available. In all other cases, you will be required to provide your confirmation to continue with the download.

What platforms/devices support the Sun NXT platform?

The following platforms and/or devices support the Sun NXT platform. However, please do note that certain platform and devices which presently support the platform may cease to support the same.

  • Operating systems:
    • Android - Version 4.4 and above
    • iOS - Version 8 and above
  • Devices
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Phablets
    • Computers, laptops and desktops
    • Selected Smart TVs
    • Apple TV
    • Amazon Fire TV Stick - Version 5.0 and above
    • Android TV - Version 5.0 and above
    • Samsung Smart TV - 2016 Model and above & Tizen 2.3 and above
  • Browsers
    • Google Chrome - Version 64 bits and above
    • Safari - Version MAC 64 Bits and above
    • Mozilla Firefox - Version 49 and above)
    • Opera - Version Opera 35 and above
    • Edge Browser - All versions

I am unable to view my favorite program on a certain channel being live streamed on Sun NXT. I can, however, view all other programs on the same channel. Why is that?

Due to copyright restrictions, we are not permitted to stream certain shows and videos. Services will resume once the specified show is over.

Are you storing cookies to track my usage?

Yes, we regularly store cookies to enhance your user experience and to deliver personalized content to you. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for further details on our usage of cookies.

How can I share a video on my social networking site?

You may share the link to your favorite programmes on certain social media platforms as made available to us by time to time by clicking on the share button on the platform.

Will I be able to access a video made available for offline viewing on a different device with the same account? What happens to my offline videos if I change my handset?

No, downloaded videos are device specific. It will only be available on the device you initially downloaded it in.

Why are offline downloads not available on Smart TV's?

This functionality is currently not available on Smart TVs.

Why am I unable to skip advertisements that play during videos?

As part of our policy, we are serving non-skippable advertisements to compensate on the heavily discounted rate that we are offering our customers. We are however consciously reducing the number of advertisements to try and create a better user experience.

Can I stop/pause when a content is being downloaded?

Yes. You can stop/pause a download of any content being downloaded from the downloads section in the profile page.

User Interface and User Experience

Can I change my user account picture?

Yes. You can change it from user profile section.

How can I change or reset my password?

You can reset your password through the reset password option in the Edit Profile, Login Screen or via email.

To reset your password via email, send yourself a password reset email. The email typically arrives within a few seconds, and contains a link that will sign you into Sun NXT automatically. From there, you will be asked to create a new password. The link in the email will expire after 24 (twenty four) hours, so be sure to use it as soon as possible. If the link in the email has expired, you can always send yourself another password reset email. If you cannot see the email, check your spam/junk folder and any email filters you have set up to make sure the message is not being directed away from your email inbox.

If you cannot find the password reset email after checking your spam/junk folder. Then send yourself a password reset email again.

If you still have not received the password reset email, there may be a delay with your email service provider. Please wait for 5 (five) hours and then check your inbox again.

How do I turn off notifications?

You can change or customize notifications on the settings menu from the settings menu in your device

How do I turn on restrictions for minors?

Sun NXT allows you to create a separate kids profile for children below the age of 12. Once you log into the kids profile, you will be required to enter a password before you can switch back to the adult profile. All content specific to children will be tagged as 'Kids Content' and only such restricted content will be accessible through the kids profile.

How do I select my preferred language?

You can select your preferred language during registration on the Sun NXT platform. Additionally, this can be done from the Profile section. Please do note the language in which the content is available to you on the Sun NXT platform is dependent on your subscription plan.

Where can I find my viewing history?

We only retain your browsing history, to enhance your user experience, in accordance with our Cookie Policy. We do not store it in a manner in which it may be accessible to you.

Can I view videos offline?

Subject to your subscription plan, certain titles are available for viewing offline. You can download the content by clicking on the download icon. Please ensure that you are connected to a stable internet or data connection and that sufficient storage space is available on your device, before attempting to make the content available for viewing offline.
Sun Direct Offer - If You are accessing Sun NXT Using your valid Sun Direct RMN, You will be able to download videos for offline viewing.
Vodafone Play & Idea Movies Offer - If You are accessing Sun NXT through Vodafone Play mobile app or Idea Movies mobile app, You will not be able to download videos for offline viewing.

How can I rate movies and set my favorite actor/genre?

Below the video player, you can either rate movies or mark certain genres as your favorite on the details page.

Can I set reminders in Live TV?

Yes, you can do so by tapping on the reminder icon in the live TV schedule.

How do I get billed for my subscription?

You will receive an invoice for your payment on your registered Email ID or an SMS on your registered mobile number. The available payment methods are Credit Card and Debit Card and you will be invoiced through the payment method selected by you.

What are the methods of payment available?

You can choose to pay via Credit/Debit Card.We may also make other payment methods available from time to time.

Are the charges inclusive of taxes?

Yes, all charges are inclusive of taxes. However, this may change subject to applicable laws.

Where can I access my subscription/membership details?

This is available in your Profile section.

Can I cancel my membership in between a billing cycle?

You are free to cancel your subscription plan at any time during the billing cycle however, any refund, if any, shall be in accordance with the refund policy specified in our Terms of Use.

Can I reverse a charge I made by mistake?

We advise you to be careful during the subscription and payment process. Once the a payment is made, it cannot be reversed.

Are the Subscription charges inclusive of data charges?

No, data charges are not included and will depend on your mobile data/internet service provider.


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