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03/11/2020 4:48 pm  

This is an Off-Topic: Non-Telecom Thread 


While the respective segment platforms get ready, I would like to quickly put forward my views on a few services outside the Telecom Industry here.


1. PayTM: Started as something (I very well know and remember how Paytm started and evolved) when the digital evolution has just begun, but I don't see any vision now except for some specific interests and desperation. 

I stopped using their services a few years back when I noticed where they are heading to and their shady consumer practices. I prefer alternate payment options/gateways, while making payments wherever I see their logo.

With the kind of image they have acquired now, I would never be associated with such a brand first, and as a person who observes Industry practices keenly, I would never use services from such a company.

The company's recent implementation of web login using the Mobile App itself shows what they are up to. This is it, and anything more would not be worth the time.


CIBIL - The most hurtful and unfit to be considered as a credible credit institution and so as its scoring practices or support for India. I have done my groundwork and may pen a complete analysis of them on the right platforms. 

Credit Mantri, Wishfin, LensKart, 1mg, BookMyShow are also a few to name who play tight with consumer profile flexibility, practices, data or privacy.

BookMyShow, 1mg, LensKart don't even give flexibility for a customer to even change email, which shows their nature. 

Ps: These companies don't even appropriately respond to privacy or customer emails around the same.


2. Banking: Kotak Mahindra Bank - I am so sorry to be hard, but this bank left me with the worst experience among the 8-9 Banks I have availed services over the years. From Citi to SBI, I have availed consumer banking services from International and Domestic Banks intensively to grasp and understand the grounds. I believe I know these banks' - apps, practices, services, phone banking, communication practices, CCs, support etc. - end to end from a consumer (Retail) segment perspective. 

While I haven't got time to explore KM Bank's other services or practices, in a digital front, this bank is a bane to the consumer and banking sector. For 811, its digital onboarding and account activation is also a painful process. An end consumer should be highly skilled for performing even the basic tasks using their platforms with utmost caution. 

I have closed my association with this bank a few days back, as I don't want to waste my efforts with its services or support. This bank is not just worth it. The Bank's UPI implementation is awful, and its support is a feather in the cap to its flawed implementations.

I'm not just speaking about my individual experience, and I have done my groundwork over years with customers in family or friends. Except for 6%, there is nothing called consumer experience here.


A couple of experiences to share: 

1. On one unfortunate day, my UPI handle gets deleted on its own. (The app showed UPI handle doesn't exist, create one?) When Raised an SR, the bank's support suggests me to create one more handle or give me an explanation of how to create a new UPI handle.

Excuse me what? Seriously? When I tried to create the same handle again, the system showed - the UPI handle already exists. I ended up creating 2-3 different UPI handles whenever this happened to me. An SR for the same is still left unanswered even at the time of closing the relation with them. 

2. Have done a UPI transaction, it failed. The same (Transaction failed) was shown in the UPI transactions section, and I have the screenshots with me. The second attempt too failed.

With the first attempt itself, I understood the services are down. 

As the App itself showed transactions failed - I was in an assumption that the amount debited will be credited back after TAT and continued the transaction. The third attempt was a success, and money got credited to the party.

Remember every failed transaction had money debited from my account and I was relying on the bank's failed message. I waited for seven to ten days, and the deducted money was never credited back. Raised SR - it was denied and closed blatantly. That was such a rude experience or gesture from them.

Upon calling customer care, they have this sweet logic for me - our backend shows transaction success(these UPI transactions showed up in the main summary too), and the amount got credited to the party the next day, and hence your request got denied. They also pointed me that it was wrong from my side transacting second and third time as there is 24 hours turn around time for the amount to get credited to the party.

What? UPI rules say something else. If there is a certain logic from KMB that they follow 24 hours or whatever TAT to credit money to the party, why didn't they show the same on the screen? Why transaction failed is displayed? 

How can a customer understand the inner technical intentional meaning of the 'failed message'? No end customer would understand or explore what RBI regulations are, what UPI API implementations/guidelines are and what are the actual technical or architectural implementations the bank has followed for the transactions or for the failed messages. 

One proper implementation way is to show - Dear customer, your transaction has failed for now, we would queue it and retry. Please do not attempt the transaction again in so and so hours. 

Do you like to initiate a new transaction? 


Failed transaction > Attempt to Retry Transaction is in process 

Can't the App show this information in this case? Simple, and it didn't happen.

While experiencing the phone support services itself, I made up my mind to close the relation because I will not have time to deal with all this going forward. The support personnel also asked me to check with the credited party(I felt so awkward about this situation and realized my mistake and also to whom this bank is meant for). I'm done. Thank you.

While there are other experiences with this bank, these two are the most recent.

I made the Account BAL zero and visited the branch the very next day to get the closure formalities done with no second thought as I have taken this specific Bank Account only to familiarise and gain understanding with its services and QoS.

- Done: Thank you, KMB, and I will never have any association with you in future. 

Consumer Experience (in the form of flexibility, software, Apps, IVR, email, support) is also one main reason why some banks struggle to attract retail consumers or retain them and not just the financial aspects or benefits alone.


In general, I am very considerate in ignoring specific technical, support or ground level issues, as I understand the nuts and bolts involved, but the cases with these brands are different.

So, if you are planning any relation with the above brands, be prepared and make informed decisions.

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03/11/2020 5:37 pm  

ICICI Bank's PayLater - Market it in a way and do it in another way.

Why affect your CIBIL score when you can pay your bills using PayLater?

I still remember these app notifications when the service was initially launched. These messages very well give an impression to customers that PayLater services don't get reported to CIBIL and PayLater is a touch me not to CIBIL.

But when we go and check the report, the PayLater Account very well touches the CIBIL aspect and gets reflected. There is nothing wrong if the bank reports to CIBIL, but why promote it in a false sense to end consumers?


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