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Airtel VSAT Services: How Satellite Technology has Changed the Way Home and Business Users Interact Via Internet  


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Airtel VSAT: Fiber-Like Connectivity in the Sky

Before we jump to what Airtel VSAT is, it is important to understand what VSAT technology is. VSAT stands for ‘Very Small Aperture Terminal’. It is a satellite technology which helps in serving data to home and business users. It is a two-way communication between the satellite and VSAT antennas mounted on the ground. VSAT antennas can be installed on a variety of things such as vehicles, maritime stabilised, fixed on the ground or even portable.


1. What is Airtel VSAT? 

Airtel VSAT is a service offered by Airtel to business owners through which they can expand their operations. Let’s understand how this works. Every business wants to reach more and more customers in different parts of the country or world. The more number of places your services can reach, the more profitable your business can be. Best way to reach far off places is with the help of internet. But what happens to the areas which are considered as unreachable terrains or don’t have adequate infrastructure to connect with internet. This where Airtel VSAT steps in and steals the show by making it easier for everyone to conduct their business. 

2. What does a Business Need to Go as Far as Possible? 

First of all, for any business to grow, a diverse routing network for remote teams to work with mission-critical applications. With that, ability to interconnect sites which don’t have the adequate terrestrial infrastructure. Centralised control of mixed networks is essential as well. For smooth internet operations, businesses also need a superior network performance, scalability and data rates. But all of this at an optimal cost for connectivity to sustain. 

3. Airtel VSAT Solves the Issue of Connectivity

Airtel VSAT is specially designed to create business solutions by connecting people with the internet. There are no limitations as to where a business can reach. The Airtel VSAT technology can overcome all the barriers which stand between connecting people with the internet. So now you can take your enterprise to any heights of connectivity you wish to and scale your business at a faster rate. 

4. What Does Airtel VSAT Provide to Businesses

Businesses benefit a lot from Airtel VSAT. This is because it establishes a connection between the business and people in areas which are next to impossible to reach. So what does Airtel VSAT provides that it makes it so convenient for the companies to operate and reach more people? First of all, the Airtel VSAT gives reliable satellite services along with quality terrestrial service, so it becomes ideal for backup connectivity. Then Airtel claims that there is 99% availability for the transfer of video, graphics, voice, and data for smooth business operations. In case there is a disaster, recovery for it becomes very easy with the help of alternate routing. Then with the help of mobility plugins, Airtel ensures that users are getting high-quality mobile experience. There are comprehensive network management tools available as well, which help in making business activities more accessible. The efficiency of bandwidth offered is excellent. There are a variety of plans and different pricing for each of them. Businesses can decide plans which cater to most of their needs. Then businesses can avail hand-free management of duties, VSAT licenses, and clearance. The deployment is straightforward, and the connection is completely secured. 

5. Sectors Which have Already Benefited From Airtel VSAT

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the Airtel VSAT is none other than the government. Airtel Business helped Gujarat in setting up connectivity in the rural areas of the state. After the operations were done, a total of 13,716 villages were connected with Common Service Centres with the help of Airtel VSAT. The Common Service Centres (CVCs) are responsible for things like e-governance, health, education, and agriculture.  Another sector which was able to benefit from the help of Airtel VSAT is Banking. Airtel helped one of the leading banks of Jammu and Kashmir connect with close to 550 RRBs. The seamless connectivity has helped the bank in providing its services to the last mile of the country very conveniently. Airtel VSAT is actively helping more such banks at the moment by offering solutions for connecting with their customers all around India.  Airtel VSAT also backs the Indian Tsunami Warning System. The Tsunami Warning System uses Bottom Pressure Recorders (BPR), a network of seismic stations, tide gauges along with a 24x7 operational warning centre. All of this depends on the Airtel VSAT to provide timely data to the advisories across India. Also, with the help of Airtel VSAT, the education industry has been able to benefit a lot. Various education institutes have been using the facilities of Airtel VSAT to educate students sitting at far distances from them. 

6. Why Should Anyone Choose Airtel VSAT?

Airtel provides the best broadband VSAT services in India. Airtel is the only telco in India which provides integrated VSAT services. Airtel has satellite IPLC circuits. Along with this, Airtel is the largest VSAT service provider in Asia. Also, Airtel runs approximately 30% of VSAT implementations in India at the moment. One of the benefits of using Airtel VSAT is that it supports bandwidth-intensive services such as distance learning, VoIP, multimedia streaming, and video conferencing. So with the help of Airtel VSAT services, a business can become limitless in terms of connectivity and scale two folds its current size.


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