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Jio Rs 199 Postpaid Plan  


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01/05/2020 6:35 pm  

Jio Postpaid Plan Value : 199 + GST 

Voice Benefit : 

Onnet voice : Voice is free for all Jio to Jio and Jio to Landline calls

Offnet voice : 6 paise per minute for off-net outgoing calls with increase in free data entitlement as per IUC Top-Up Voucher Amount. 

Builtin Data Benefit : 25 GB, thereafter Rs 20/GB

SMS: Unlimited* (100/Day)

Jio Apps : Complementary Subscription

Subscription : Billing Cycle

Notes: 100% refundable security deposit applicable | Rs 99 applicable for JioPrime Membership 

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10/08/2020 4:33 pm  

Experience of Jio prepaid to postpaid migration:


Went to Reliance Digital Store in Karnataka

No new SIM required

Migration completed within 5 minutes

Need to tele-verify once again from the same SIM ( Store person was not aware about tele-verification)


Was surprised as there was no delay (usually I guess it takes 4-24 hours, and a new SIM is required). Not sure if this is the new norm, but I'm happy.


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