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Reliance Jio FTTH and Enterprise Services in early stage of growth  


Mehar Mehta
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30/04/2020 6:56 pm  

Jio FTTH and Enterprise Services in early stage of growth

Reliance Jio is in the process of converting initial test users to paid-plans and ramping up sales across 1,600 cities is underway. Average usage across the user base is multi-fold of current industry benchmarks.

On the Enterprise side, Jio has signed marquee logos over the past few months and is in the process of provisioning connectivity services using its extensive fibre backbone and access to productivity suites of Microsoft not only that Jio Is focusing on the underserved SMB and Micro enterprises market would help Jio gain market share in overall ICT spends of the country.

Reliance Jio has the largest Distribution and Service Network

If you look into Reliance Retail it is the master distributor for Jio services across mobility and FTTH. Reliance Retail manages a pan-India distribution channel of over 1 million retailers for customer acquisition and selling recharges. As of now MyJio is the best-in-class full service (prepaid and post-paid payments, loyalty coupons, troubleshooting, addition or deletion of services) self-care application. Jio has relatively higher proportion of digital recharges which is reflected in minimal impact on recharge cycle during current situation of lockdown. During the quarter, Jio launched the Jio POS-Lite, creating a completely new pool of entrepreneurs who can serve their micro-communities as Jio channel partners, for recharges and new acquisitions.

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01/05/2020 1:17 pm  

Wish the FTTH penetration happens for a better connectivity 👍 


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