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01/08/2020 5:53 pm  

-- Thread to discuss the QoS of email support --

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02/08/2020 11:59 am  

After clicking the link in the email it takes us to the discussion forum, though it would be better if after clicking the link it takes us to artical Forum instead.

because all the comments in discussion forum are not displayed in article forum while all the comments in article forum are displayed in discussion forum

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02/08/2020 12:22 pm  

@faraz feedback noted on the email - Link click action behaviour. Some functionality comes inbuilt and need to be seen if the requested can be achieved or customised from the scratch. But, we have noted your point and will try if this can be done along with the planned revamp activity. 

Just FYI, The Intended functionality:

1. All comments/discussions on the main site will be reflecting on the forum.

2. All comments/discussions on the forum are limited only to the forum and will not be reflecting on the main site. 

In short, the forum is the wiki/gateway for reading entire discussions on TT. 

This is the supposed way of functionality. 


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