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Airtel Broadband Work From Home  


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17/04/2020 6:22 pm  

Airtel Broadband Work From Home how is the performance in terms of speed, latency, ping and down time.

Now everyone is working from home, airtel has various broadband plans which supports work from home environment but a customer needs stable internet along with better ping. Did airtel broadband meet customer expectations in speed, latency, ping and down time?

Bindu Sharma
 Bindu Sharma
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17/04/2020 9:10 pm  

As per a report from ICICI Equity Research April 13, 2020 they said Fixed broadband penetration to improve. 

India’s fixed broadband penetration is significantly low (~6.5% of households) due to cheap mobile internet and under-penetration of VOD services on large screen (smart TV) format. We see likely rise in adoption of SVOD apps post-lockdown –  including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, ZEE5, etc.

This will boost viewing of content on large screens that require fixed broadband. Further, fixed broadband connection would be desirable probably from employers’ viewpoint as they accept work-from-home (at least partially) norms in many industries post-lockdown.

If you said that being a customer needs better PING and latency one need to pay more at least 60%+ than the current price for broadband plans its easy for customers to complaint unless they know the inside working for any telecom operators.

PS: Im just a customer who understand business thats it. If you pay more you get better quality .


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