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Nokia : Call recording now available on Nokia phones in India  


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20/05/2020 12:47 pm  

HMD Global, the maker of Nokia phones, on Monday announced that multiple Android One Nokia smartphones in India have received the call recording feature on Googles Phone app.

Dear Nokia (HMD), you appear to sound so honest which is a disaster with the feature in discussion.  

It appears you have taken care of the legal/ethical aspects, but this feature is not going to help your customers completely. Provision an option to enable/disable this announcement feature and let it be of some use.

To activate the recording, the user simply needs to press the 'record' button while on the call.

A disclosure is played when recording begins and ends to notify all participants and ensure they are aware the feature is being used.

You provisioned a feature which no one wants to use. With this in place, no point to even provision and press the feature via PR. 

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