BSNL’s New Generation Email Service is Now Live – Offers Unified Communication

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Recently we had exclusively reported about BSNL's plan to launch a better email service to broadband customers in lieu of the older one which offered a paltry 50 MB storage. The new service (live at was launched yesterday and is being rolled out to 7.5 million broadband customers in the country. We were happy to note that our wishlist was partly implemented in the new service!


BSNL Email Powered by XGENPLUS

One of the main attractions of the new email service is Unified Communication which enables one to send SMS, Fax, Bulk emails, Instant Messages right from the email account. At this moment we are unsure about how SMS/Fax will be billed to the end user. Some other features which are on offer are:

  1. One Time Password: A password valid for 30 minutes can be used instead of regular password.
  2. Image Compression: Compress the image ON THE FLY up to 25% of the original size without the need of any additional compression software and without compromising the quality of the image
  3. Secured Hidden Attachments: Maintain the security and secrecy of your confidential data by sending Secured Hidden attachments. Conceal your information/file inside a seemingly harmless digital picture.
  4. Enterprise users can automatically route emails to the right people - will be useful in case of support queries.
  5. Bulk email marketing solution, again useful for enterprise

We tried logging in to the service with one of our BSNL User IDs but were greeted by an error. The same credentials worked fine at which is still running the older version of the service. In all likelihood, BSNL is in the process of migrating email accounts to the new platform.

So readers, did you notice this new service and get a chance to try? If yes, let us know your experiences.

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