BSNL’s Free Incoming Roaming Plan Getting Tremendous Response Across India, Can this be a Game Changer?

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BSNL's innovative marketing strategy seems to be now showing fruitful results BSNL now offers heavy discounts on incoming roaming calls and has also introduced a new special tariff voucher of roaming plan where incoming call is provided free to their subscribers by using STV of Rs.90, a subscriber can get benefit of free incoming for 90 days all over India including Mumbai & Delhi. It comes out to be one rupee per day, whereas private operators like Airtel are charging Rs 5 for roam free plan.

As per some internal BSNL sources across India, this scheme is getting incredible reaction mostly from people who go out from service area due to their job profile of sales, business, travel, adventure etc. The biggest advantage of this scheme is that with only Rs.1 per day the subscribers are getting relief from keeping two mobile phones or two SIMs of two different telecom companies and at the same time receiving all calls on one BSNL SIM thereby keeping everyone on loop without any hassle.

BSNL Board’s Dir (CM) - Sh. Anupam Srivastava has told that subscriber who seldom goes out to different states/cities from their present service area have the option of utilizing special tariff vouchers (STVs) of Rs.5, Rs. 33 and Rs.69 for respectively One day, Seven day and 30 days of free roaming. All these Roaming STVs complete details are available on our website .

Can this be a game changer for BSNL ? Do let us know via comments.

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