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bsnlThe landline, mobile and broadband customers of BSNL can now pay their monthly bills at a place close to their house or shop. The State telecom Operator has launched "BSNL Bill Payment" service (BBP) based on franchisee model which works round-the-clock. Also, customers will not have to stand in queues at customer service centers (CSC) as they can pay their bills through these franchisees.

Pune is the first city in the country to float the service which will be introduced in other cities soon.The unique service is based on electronic payment method. It will ease out the process of BBP for customers in urban, rural as well as semi-urban areas. The customers now have an easy alternative for the monthly bill payment system," said Chandra Prakash, chief general manager of BSNL's Maharashtra circle, at the launch of the service.

Prakash added that the BBP is easy to access and also totally secured and reliable. He said, "A customer on receiving monthly bill can approach the franchisee nearest to his/her home or office and demand for BBP voucher' equal to or higher than the bill amount. The voucher can be purchased in cash or through cheque/DD payable in favour of the franchisee. For the payment of bill, a customer has to send an SMS to 53330 or call toll free number.

The customer will get instant receipt of the transaction."Chandra Prakash said, "The franchisee from the customer's locality can also offer the service at their door step. This will be the hassle-free BBP service for a customer without any extra cost burden to customer. The BSNL has appointed Pune-based company DigiTech Telematics private limited (DTPL) to collect bills in western part comprising Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Around 800 franchisees have already been appointed in the state which will grow to 5,000 in near future. In Pune, around 800 franchisees will be looped in for the services.""With availability of SMS option, the customers can also make payment when not in town. Also, if a customer has a voucher at home, the payment can be made any time during the day," he said.

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