BSNL Broadband Customers Anxious about Upcoming bills due to Sudden Plan Changes

TelecomTALK readers by now would be very familiar with BSNL’s unethical move wherein night unlimited broadband plans were heavily revised without prior notice. Due to this one-sided move, scores of BSNL customers will be facing huge bills and possible disconnection this month. One of our readers has already faced the disconnection on 1st August for this very reason. For the past two months, several readers have been expressing anxiety over what could be BSNL’s move to resolve possible billing issues.

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Now that there are few days left for bill generation and no concrete assurance from BSNL authorities anywhere in the country, it is almost certain that customers would be subjected to bill shocks this month. It is certainly disheartening to see a national level ISP like BSNL showing no signs of regret and taking no steps to assure customers the best of service. We had also brought the issue to BSNL CMD’s notice through an email (sent on July 6) but have not received a response till today.

Over this period we have seen unity amongst TelecomTALK readers about the issue and many have been suggesting each other to approach authorities at different levels, lodge complaints at PG Portal, consumer court etc. One of our readers Mr. AVK has even shared a neatly drafted email that can be sent to authorities at TRAI, BSNL and Telecom Minister. To understand the magnitude of issue check out the following comments:

Yadu Kiran from Mandya:

This is absolutely preposterous!!! Today, on August 1st my landline and my Internet Connection was disconnected. On enquiring at the BSNL office, they told me that they had received a high alert and were ordered to disconnect my connection. To my shock, the un-billed amount for the month of July up to the 20th was a whopping 11,000 and I’m not joking. That was when I found out that the Night Unlimited Plans have been scrapped. So i’ve been usinginternet at night for the whole month of July without any notification. I have registered my mobile at BSNL but have received no notification whatsoever. It’s amazing how they can send an sms three times when you book any complaint (one when it’s booked, second when it’s handed over to a person, and third when it’s finally resolved), but not a single one regarding a change in tariff plan. Although the change has been detailed in last month’s bill, it is tucked away in a corner and so miniscule in size that hardly anybody will notice it. Is it so difficult to send an sms, email or at least call and inform? Am I seriously expected to pay around 15000 for my landline bill? This is ridiculous and straight up fraudulent. This is a serious matter and we need to raise our voices. How can a Government branch itself resort to such criminal ways? I’ve lost all consumer loyalty that I had to BSNL and if any other ISP provides service in my area than I am switching asap. What bothers me isn’t the change, but BSNL’s failure to notify its customers. I just feel cheated.

Many are like abc who have no other choice:

I would like to ditch BSNL for treating customers like thisbut alas  I cannot. No other company line come where I stay.

Mohit from Jaipur:

Bro complains in BSNL..nothing happen to them, only dust settles on it. last year they charged with 3000 extra for downloading 1:56 am to 2:30 am {which was free}, they told me they r sorry but cant do anything becuz server is having prob and situated in Bangalore, they told me to complain and i did…NOTHING HAPPENED…AND now I’m going to be billed 15383.70INR for same 2:00 am to 8:00 am downloading…..

Mohit from Alwar

Man I’m not gonna pay a single dime to them. I’m using 500-FN-COMBO plan since 5 years. I check selfcare rarely. on 15th of july I talked to bsnl guys on 1500.. they said it is same ..nothing is changed.. today on 29th i checked the uses on selfcare…its 93GB and amount is 14000+ INR…WTF…. I’m not gonna pay next month. And yes as u all know they didnt inform us..and above that when we asked they said ALL FINE. Seriously somebody is gonna loose his job on this move from bsnl. and bye bye to BSNL.

There are lots of such comments and like you all we are certainly appalled by BSNL’s present attitude of total disregard for customer sentiments. Let’s hope sense prevails and customers are not forced to pay up just for BSNL’s fault. Knocking the doors of law is perfect but one can’t live without Internet these days – implies you need to pay up or negotiate for a lower amount before you knock doors of law! Sorry state of affairs. 🙁

Do keep us posted if BSNL provides a resolution for bill shocks. That will help many others to negotiate better.

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vishal kumar sinha
February 3, 2016 9:39 am 9:39 AM

I wanted to know that i had a bsnl broadband connection on 3 floor but i want it on 1 floor i see wifi range but it is very low . Can i uses a broad band but i dont know how to do . I am fearing that if i added another broadband so i get another other bill so i pay two broadband bill . But i wanted one broad band bill only. I wanted in one broadband bill i can use two broadband on 3 floor as well as in 1 floor

June 18, 2015 10:14 pm 10:14 PM

I am currently using bbg cnt combo 630 plan…but it offers only 2.5 gb… I want at least 3.5 to 4 Gb…which plan should I go for? Is Rs.750 flexi general combo plan is good. Any monthly budget is around Rs.800-900. Plz help me. Thank u.

Patricia Passah
January 8, 2015 4:59 pm 4:59 PM

we received a notification via post on the 8th january 2014 that we have an outstanding due of Rs. 2,175.00 against telephone no. 0364-2520848 billing A/C No. 8003058456 at our old billing address. it has been over 8 years now that we have shifted our residence and since 2007 we have cleared our telephone bill and informed BSNL for disconnection of this landline number. But we are shocked to receive this notification on the january 5th 2015 i.e., after 8 years. I sincerely hope BSNL would rectify this mistake as soon as possible.

January 8, 2015 6:54 pm 6:54 PM

So you should take up this matter with the local BSNL office and particularly the Accounts officer and commercial officer. Posting your grievance on a random website won’t solve your issue. Show them the paperwork relating to the connection surrender in 2007. Also posting details like phone number and more so account number publicly like this makes them prone to misuse so avoid it.

June 1, 2015 10:54 am 10:54 AM
I am sorry to inform you this but the notification mentioned this particular site for lodging any grievance and complaint. It was no where mentioned that this was a RANDOM WEBSITE……All paperworks regarding the connection and disconnection of the landline have been submitted since 2007…We have not retained any papers regarding this connection as we did not expect that the company would send such a notification after 7 years which totally shows their inefficiency in maintaining records and important documents. I thought maybe writing to you would help solve the problem. Sorry I did not know this website to be… Read more »
January 11, 2016 2:44 pm 2:44 PM

I support you patricia. Abhishek is wrong.

July 5, 2017 1:38 pm 1:38 PM

Thank you Anubhav for your support.