Broadband: Different Ways to Extend Your Wi-FI Network

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One of the most common issues faced by broadband Wi-Fi users worldwide is a drop in connection. Nowadays, there are dual-band routers which solve this issue to a certain extent by offering a 2.4 GHz band enabling connectivity at a farther distance with a substantial speed. But even it has its limits. If you have a big office or home where you want to set up an internet connection without facing the issue of low speed or connection drops, you will require Wi-Fi network extenders. Today we will list four such solutions so that you can get seamless connectivity all-around your house or office.

Wi-Fi Extenders – Types and Which One is the Most Appropriate?

You can decide from four different options to extend your Wi-Fi network. First is the use of ‘Wi-Fi Repeater’ or booster or extender. Out of the four options, this is one of the best. This is because Wi-Fi repeaters can be placed at any point of your home/office without any need of signals. Of course, you should place the repeater at a point where the network is still good so it can offer the same quality of the network as well.

Second is through ‘Wi-Fi Access Point’. This is a fancy name for using a second router. You can take another router and connect it using wires to the primary router for getting a second dedicated wireless access point at your home or office. This kind of connection will remove any issues of latency or speed. Also, the security key and the network name remains the same for your new access point.

The third option you can go with is the ‘Wi-Fi Powerline Adapter.’ For the unaware, it is a form of Wi-Fi access point that enables an ethernet link to be transmitted via a normal power outlet at your home. So you can build a powerful and high-speed Internet link from any part of your house with a power outlet. In multi-story buildings, the use of Wi-Fi power line adapter is a good option since it helps in getting rid of the expensive wired connection.

The last and the fourth method you can use to extend your Wi-Fi network is a ‘Mesh Extender’. Wi-Fi repeater and mesh devices are quite similar. While a Wi-Fi repeater spreads the same network with the same speed throughout the network area, a mesh device distributes the primary network into different parts of your house. You can use multiple mesh devices or nodes for distributing the network intelligently throughout your house.

Tanay Singh Thakur

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Published by
Tanay Singh Thakur

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