Brave Browser Over Chrome Might Be a Great Idea

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Most PC and Laptop users have been accustomed to using Chrome, especially if they are running Windows rather than macOS. Competitors such as Firefox and Edge have fallen behind in terms of taking the fight to the popular browser, but, in reality, Chrome is not as good as it might seem to you.

In today's day and age, usability and certain minor features make or break a browser or application and, that is the case here. Chrome at one time was lauded as the best browser since its way of handling extensions and offering great compatibility, speed and syncing across devices is the best.

Security and safety have also become a greater concern, for the better and it is odd to see how much Google knows about you. As an Android user, one is already offering their location, app usage, viewing data to Google. Chrome is key to users such as us who have jobs in writing or online jobs, so it makes sense to take steps to better secure ourselves.

Brave can cater to your needs, since it can offer better privacy and safety whilst being faster than Chrome, despite being Chromium-based itself. It can give you access to the Chrome Web Store whilst offering 66% reduced memory usage and 35% reduction in battery life. 

Brave Gets What Chrome Had, Chromium!


For a couple of years, users resented to switching to alternatives as Chrome was built on a great basic structure, but, in recent times, most competitors have moved on to the open-source Chromium structure. Brave itself is based on Chromium, much like Edge, Vivaldi and Opera.

What this basically means is that all of these browsers offer Chrome extensions, and provide performance equivalent to, if not better than Chrome. One key use case for us is Google's Offline Doc function, which can work on Brave even if Google mentions that it is meant for Chrome.

Another thing that makes the case for Chrome is the password-saving functionality, which can easily save and fill login details and, once you get used to it, it's really tough to not use the same each time. A dedicated password manager should do the same job for you, but it should keep the data even more secure, so that is something that we would recommend.

Brave is a cross-platform application that can let you use the app on Mac, Windows and smartphones, with an in-built ad-tracker blocker that can protect you in certain situations.

Theming wise you do lose out a bit, as Brave only offers an option between light and dark, but instead of keeping the design in mind, Brave focuses more on speed, which is something a user might appreciate more in the long run.

Is Brave better than Chrome?

Instead of getting too in-depth, it makes better sense to tell you the basics. In terms of upgrades, Brave builds on speed and privacy, with the browser forcing you to work on your use case, from adding a proper password manager to offering better speed, it makes your browsing experience tons better.

You might have to face more than one instance of CAPTCHAs but, in the general sense, it is tolerable to keep on proving your identity rather than have a person spy on you and steal your data.

Don't get us wrong, Chrome is still good, it is the best featured and offers hassle-free experiences to the user, but, if you can make some changes, for the better, browsers like Brave or Vivaldi can make your use case much better.

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