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BPL Mobile has changed its brand name to Loop Mobile. BPL Mobile India’s oldest surviving telecom brand, will fade into oblivion as the Mumbai-based operator turns into Loop Mobile beginning  tonight. The transition is a culmination of the new brand identity for BPL Mobile, which has been serving Mumbai for over 13 years, was unveiled.It already caters to over 2 million subscribers.The company’s corporate identity has undergone a complete overhaul to mark growth and re enforce  BPL Mobile as a fresh new brand.

The new logo Loop Mobile has been designed keeping in mind youthful vitality, excitement and freshness that the company stands for.Loop Mobile director and CEO Sanjeev Chachondia said around the time of brand refresh, the company realised that BPL Mobile was losing out to more aggressive brands.

"Brand BPL was becoming fuddy-duddy. There was a need to reconnect with customers and tap youth - the largest and fastest growing segment.The main focus is to convey the message of Mumbai’s oldest network is also its newest one. it already commands a healthy 2 million customers and rapidly growing. In addition to customer touch points Loop Mobile Stores are being beefed up to meet this new brand proposition.

Elaborating on the rationale behind the rebranding, Sanjeev Chachondia, Director & CEO, Loop Mobile (India) Limited (formerly BPL Mobile) said, “We made a conscious decision to reposition ourselves with “get in the loop” brand refresh campaign, a roadmap that began in July ‘07.The name change into Loop Mobile was the next step in this journey. With this change, we are all set to add momentum towards rapid growth and expansion; and want to reiterate our commitment towards our customers and ensure they experience the newest and best network in town.

Loop Mobile comes with a brand new network the company announced the completion of its network expansion and has now doubled its capacity by deploying the latest NGIP (Next Generation Internet Protocol) and EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) tecnology.The company is currently in the midst of an ownership dispute and is being managed by the Ruias of the Essar group pending resolution with Vodafone Essar. BPL Mobile’s subsidiary Loop Telecom has bagged licenses to offer telecom services in 21 circles of India the two will continue to be separate legal entities.

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