Apple Ready To Introduce Battery Health Management System For MacBooks

Apple is going to bring its Battery Health Management system from iPhones to the MacBooks now

By April 17th, 2020 AT 8:16 PM
  • Apple to introduce ‘Battery Health Management’ system in MacBooks
  • Only MacBooks with Thunderbolt Type-C ports will get this update
  • MacBook’s battery life will improve after the update

Apple has been very successful with its lineup of MacBook over the years. One of its models, MacBook Air, has garnered a lot of attention for being very light and having a good battery life. But the same can’t be said for all the MacBook Pros. It makes sense that the MacBook Pro’s are used for running heavy apps, and so it is very natural that they have short battery life. Charging your MacBook, again and again, will affect the way it ages chemically. The more number of charges it gets, the faster it ages. This is why Apple is ready to introduce the ‘Battery Health Management’ system for MacBooks so that the users can enjoy a longer battery life.


MacBook Models The Update Will Be Sent Out To

It is interesting to note that the iPhones already come with the ‘Battery Health Management’ system. Now the update is going to be rolled out for all the users who are running MacBooks which have Thunderbolt Type-C ports. This means that all the MacBook Pro’s since 2016 and all the MacBook Air Retina models will get this feature in the next update. The battery health management system will help your MacBook’s battery to have a longer life.

How Does Apple’s ‘Battery Health Management System Work’?

The main aim of the ‘Battery Health Management’ system is to reduce the rate at which your MacBook’s battery chemically ages. When your MacBook gets this feature, it will start recording the pattern with which you use your MacBook and then the way you charge it. After recording the pattern, it will adjust the maximum level of charge your MacBook will get. So now your battery won’t be charged to its 100% capacity if you don’t need it in the first place. It will improve the life of your battery. You can also check the health of your battery as you do in iPhones by going to the battery health settings. This feature will be enabled by default in your MacBook, and you will have the option to disable it manually.

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