Android 13 Will Most Likely be More Pleasing to the Eyes With Stronger Privacy

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Google is expected to release the Android 13 OS later this year with the Pixel 7 series smartphones. The company has already given the fans a first look at the Pixel 7 series devices. Android 13 will be a slight upgrade over Android 12 when we talk about the overall feel and the UI (user interface) of the OS.

Android 12 was a big change for users shifting from Android 11 or previous versions. Material You, first introduced with Android 12 will play an enhanced role in Android 13.

With Android 13, Material You will be more evolved to customise the colour of media controls which will be able to match the colours of the album the user is playing on his/her smartphone. The Material You colour schemes will now be available as preset themes and will also expand to cover third-party app icons and the media player.

The search engine giant has released the official second public beta on the first day of the Google I/O Developers Conference.

Android 13 Will Enhance Privacy Features

One of the biggest aims for Google with Android has been to enhance privacy features for users. This has been echoed with the announcement of Android 13. Very soon, apps will also need to ask permission from users to send notifications.

Further, users will also get the option to choose which pictures and videos can’t be accessed by the applications. This is a cool feature and something that almost every user will appreciate. Google will add a new security and privacy page for the users which will collect all of the critical data privacy information in one page for the users.

Android 13 will also enhance the way users interact with an application. Google said that with Android 13, users will be able to decide the language of the app on a per app basis. This will give them better control over the experience they have with the Android smartphones.

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