Amazon Might Launch Its First Smartphone In June With 3D Capabilities

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Starting its venture into hardware with e-book reader Kindle, Amazon hasn't looked back. It's hardware efforts have been very well received, be it Kindle PaperWhite or Kindle Fire. After launching Kindle Fire, it was widely guesstimated that Amazon might enter the smartphone market to compete with Google, Microsoft and Apple. Instead, last week, they entered into media streaming box business with Amazon Kindle Fire TV. Just like Xiaomi, Amazon sells its hardware at rock bottom prices and earns through services and content with Amazon Prime and its own App Store.

Amazon Smartphone & Tablet

It looks like Amazon might finally enter the smartphone business in June this year. According to a report from Wall Street Journal, Amazon is planning to officially announce their first ever venture into smartphone business and start shipping it by September in the primary markets which is the same time when Apple might announce its next iPhone.

According to the report, this smartphone from Amazon might feature a 3D technology which with its 4 cameras follows the retina and tricks users into believing that they are seeing a hologram like image on the screen. It might feature as many as 6 cameras in total as per the rumours. If this feature turns out to be true, the device would be expensive to manufacture. It the feature works as reported, it might be the first of its kind but would it make any difference in fulfilling a user's needs? All of Amazon's devices released till now have been pretty basic in nature offering just what users need at rock bottom prices. It would be interesting to see how this smartphone turns out in reality. What would you like in Amazon's first smartphone? Let us know in comments.

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