Airtel Wi-Fi Calling: Seamless Connectivity Without Any Additional Charges

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Bharti Airtel has become a pioneer in providing excellent services. Time and again, the telco has introduced new features and services to ease the life of their customers. One of those services is Airtel Wi-Fi calling. It is also known as Voice-over-Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) calling. The service was launched back in late 2019. Initially, Airtel Wi-Fi calling was only available in Kolkata, Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. But that has changed now. Bharti Airtel has made the Wi-Fi calling service available throughout the country except in Jammu and Kashmir.

What Can You Do With Airtel Wi-Fi Calling?

You can make calls throughout the country with the help of Airtel Wi-Fi calling. The question remains, why would anyone not go for the normal calls over this? The answer is, the VoWi-Fi calling comes at no extra cost. You just need a smartphone connected to a Wi-Fi network. Regardless of whether you have a voice calling plan activated for your prepaid plan or not, you can make calls throughout India with VoWiFi calling facility. You will get a crystal clear voice clarity.

Airtel Wi-Fi Calling: Features

With the Airtel Wi-Fi Calling facility, you make calls anywhere in India. You just need to be connected with a working Wi-Fi network. There is no need of downloading an additional app for it. The quality of the call will be excellent and the voice you hear will be crystal clear. It will feel much like a normal call only. But there are some pre-requisites of Airtel Wi-Fi Calling. You must have a device which has Wi-Fi calling feature and is 4G supportive. Just keep your smartphone updated to the latest version, then enable the VoLTE switch, and enable Wi-Fi calling switch as well. If you want to check if your device is compatible with Wi-Fi calling or not, just go to the Airtel’s website. Every device compatible is listed there. If you are worried about exhausting your Wi-Fi’s data, don’t worry. Airtel Wi-Fi Calling requires minimal data.

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