Airtel Restores Connectivity in Flood-Ravaged Sikkim Using Innovative Solutions

Bharti Airtel demonstrates its commitment to customer service and innovation by leveraging drone technology to swiftly restore connectivity to the flood-stricken state of Sikkim.


  • The swift deployment of drones enabled precise assessment and repair of damaged fibre optic lines.
  • Airtel's proactive approach ensured the restoration of connectivity within an exceptionally short timeframe.
  • Airtel's commitment to providing reliable and accessible communication services extends to underserved regions.

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Airtel Restores Connectivity in Flood-Ravaged Sikkim Using Innovative Solutions
The Himalayan state of Sikkim was struck by floods in October, and Bharti Airtel promptly took action by leveraging innovative solutions such as drone technology to restore connectivity to the region. Airtel reported that the devastating flood had a significant impact on Sikkim, wreaking havoc on the region's infrastructure and causing severe disruptions, especially in communication networks.

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Drone Technology Deployment

According to the statement, Airtel's fibre optic network experienced a major breakdown, affecting communication to users in the region. Recognising the urgency of the situation, Airtel partnered with IG Drones to explore potential solutions for the swift restoration of fibre optic connectivity.

Airtel joined forces with IG Drones to deploy a cutting-edge drone fleet equipped with specialised technology for network assessment and repairs. This measure ensured the restoration of the vital fibre optic line, reinstating uninterrupted connectivity across the flood-affected region.

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Aerial Surveys and Repairs

Airtel said the drones conducted aerial surveys to assess the extent of damage to the Airtel fibre optic line, providing crucial data for engineers to pinpoint the exact location of the damage and meticulously plan for repairs.

The specialised drone equipment, operated by IG Drones, accessed the damaged section of the fibre optic line with precision and speed, conducted necessary repairs, and ensured that the fibre optic network was operational within an exceptionally short timeframe.

Airtel's Commitment to Connectivity

This collaboration underscores Airtel's dedication to embracing innovative solutions and its commitment to delivering uninterrupted communication services during times of crisis.

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Notably, Airtel was the first telecom company to deploy 5G connectivity in the North East states, including Sikkim, and now 5G coverage is available in 110 districts of the region.

Enabling Connectivity to underserved Regions

As reported by TelecomTalk in June, in another measure to ensure connectivity to hard-to-reach areas, Airtel has partnered with Taara to deploy its wireless optical communication links in rural and urban areas, facilitating the delivery of fast and affordable internet to previously underserved regions.

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